Park City with the Dunn fam!

Park City with the Dunn fam!

I like to say I grew up in Park City, and Chase always laughs and says not really
because it was only until I was 10, and my parents still drove us down the canyon
to go to school in Salt Lake while we lived there. But I tell him I consider it a big
part of my childhood because it holds some of my favorite memories! Riding our
horse Millie in the backyard, being able to go skiing after school since we lived a
few minutes from the resort, having a lemonade stand on the golf course, living
around the corner from my grandparents, and mostly just soaking in the beautiful
weather and scenery. It’s not far from Salt Lake, but it’s so different and I think I
loved the change of pace and culture that could be found 30 minutes away. I still do!
It was such a treat to get to spend a weekend in PC with the Dunn family!
It was the first time we’d all been in one place in exactly 3 years so it was
extra special. We spent an entire day at the resort with the summer passes
to do the Alpine Slide, Coaster, mini golf, chair lift, ropes course, etc.
The rest of the time we stayed in our good friend’s condo, cooked,
played games, went to church, went on hikes, mountain biking,
took a few family photos, and strolled Main Street. It was heavenly
and brought back so many good memories. Pictures below!
The fun Daily condo! ^^

Reagan loves her cousin Lyd so much! ^^
Spending the day on the mountain with a picnic in between all the fun ^^
Alpine Slide! ^^ Chase took a spill on our first ride down :)
We also did the coaster for the first time and I loved it even more!
My little nephew Tagg took advantage of every activity there was! ^^
Cheering on the rock climbers ^^
^^ Homemade pizza and hanging with uncle Jeff at the condo
Bennett & Reagan — she’s just 6 months older but he’s already
catching up in size!. Can’t wait for them to be bestie cousins!
Church at our old Park City ward ^^
Rea loves her cousin Tagg!
Fun at the condo with cousins, and this little one was on the move
all over the place! She even took her very first half step and stood lots!
Lots of bear sightings in Park City which we always have to take pictures of since
my dad is the bear man (He was attacked by one and lived to tell the tale!
A stop at Cows one day on Main Street since I have lots of
memories going out to ice cream here when I was little :)
Breakfast outings and morning hikes under the chairlift ^^
Fun to mountain bike up the resort with Chase!
It was cool to make it up to a lift I love to ski in the winter!
Cutest sight to see all the cousins together at the condo ^^
You can see how Reagan felt about it! :)
Dinner with the whole crew!
Love you PC, and love you, Dunn fam!
This was the perfect place and weekend to reunite!



3 thoughts on “Park City with the Dunn fam!”

  • Minus the kids this is my type of vacation. Reminds me a lot of Mont Tremblant, looks tranquil.


  • Love this! I visited PC a few years ago for Sundance – it looks totally different during summer! Jealous that you spent so much time here growing up. I want to get back to visit soon. Also, Java Cow is my FAVE! We were there every day during Sundance :)

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