It’s here! Reagan is one year old. As Chase and I watched the video I put together of her first year
we did get a tiny bit teary, but I’ve mostly been just so happy to reach the one year mark — for her and
for us! It’s a big celebration and milestone, and the good news is that she is cuter and smarter and
funnier by the day, so it’s been fun to see her grow up instead of sad. Still tender, but I wouldn’t trade
this age now for anything before! It has only gotten better. I say that every month because it’s true.
This month before her 12 month mark was spent on vacation in SLC, Park City,
St. George and Jackson 
with family and it was so crazy to see how much she changed
before turning a year. She took her first steps, 
learned so many new words, had her
first tiny ponytail, and so many other things that made her seem so 
grown up.
We had the best party to ring in her first year too! I can’t wait to share pictures from it.

For now here are some pictures in between 11 and 12 months…with her video very first!:

..Reagan favorites at 12 months..

♥♥ You call us “Chase” and “Emi” — ha! (You also say Dada and Mommy, but seriously say our names half the time. It’s the funniest and best thing and makes everyone laugh!)

♥♥ You are so smart and the biggest chatterbox. You will carry on a conversation for 30 minutes with pure jibberish! You also have actual words: “hi,” “yes,” “please,” etc.

♥♥ You mimick everything we do and make us laugh!

♥♥ You took your first steps on July 16, 2017…2 days before your first birthday! It was so cute and exciting to see you bravely wobble toward me after standing and balancing for so long. You took 7-8 steps and kept doing that a few times all day, but ever since you have liked to keep crawling more…so we’ll wait and let you do it again when you want! :)

♥♥ You literally answer any question with “yeah” and “yes.” It’s hilarious! We love asking you a million funny questions and having you answer “yes” in the cutest voice.

♥♥ You give the best kisses and know the word kiss so if we say it, you lean over and give us one. You give every stuffed animal

♥♥ You still wave and smile to everyone, especially strangers. On a flight this month you were not happy unless I let you peek over the seat at this older couple behind us that you loved smiling at for 2 hours -haha!

♥♥ You have become a little more polite when eating (sometimes) and have learned to say “please” when asking for food, reaching your hand out in the cutest way.

♥♥ You still love food, but got a little pickier this month — you’re still an amazing eater though who loves veggies, chicken, fish, fruit, yogurt, cottage cheese, etc.

♥♥ You’ve still loved nursing through 12 months, and we’re going to wean with cow’s milk starting now that you’re a year. I’m sad, but so glad we’ve made it this long! We’ll wean slowly over a few weeks and see how you like milk! I’ve loved our nursing bond though :)

♥♥ You have the best sense of humor — seriously! I didn’t know babies could have a sense of humor so young, but I swear you do and you know when you’re being funny. You make us laugh every day!

Our golden girl ^^
^^ Always at my feet and on the go!
A mini ponytail made an appearance this month — theee cutest!
Just looking like a teenager sleeping on my parent’s bed ^^
Peekaboo = favorite game!
Jackson babe on the lake! ^^
Camping fun! ^^
Boating babe with a hat from her grandpa ^^
Lots of hikes with little R in the backpack this month ^^ She loves it!
Walking any chance she can, with toys or holding onto hands! ^^
My mini tennis player! Can’t wait until she can hit with me on the court!
Pool-loving baby! ^^
Picking out birthday toys with Grandma Linny at Pottery Barn Kids! ^^
Loving summertime! ^^
Best view ^^
Happiest when standing and holding both our hands! ^^
Best and cutest napper ^^ I loved walking in and seeing her
napping with the baby at my mom’s house in Utah! ^^We love you, Rea Rea! Happy one year!
A full post of the big one year party coming soon!