A Healthy Summer with Silver Fern

At the beginning of this summer I randomly read an article about sugar addiction.
It struck such a chord with me and really made me want to take control and make
some changes with my health. This year since having a baby, nursing, and being
sleep-deprived I have relied too heavily on sugar. I was feeling good about
myself that I eat healthy meals, don’t drink soda, alcohol, or coffee, and I didn’t 
feel ‘addicted’ to anything…until I realized sugar was the culprit! I was having
way too much sugar way too many times a day. I finally realized I wasn’t
feeling my best and wanted to prove to myself that I could make some
improvements! I have a big sweet tooth, love to bake, and always will love 
indulging, but it has felt so good to kick some bad habits and take more control.
I’ve done this in a few ways, but one thing that has helped so much is ordering some
products from a health company called Silver Fern Brand. Right around the time I was
wanting to make changes I saw some posts from my cute friend Meg at MomStrong
about this probiotic product, and I’d heard about it already so I decided to give it a
try. I really am not one to take any supplements or pills, I mean it. But I loved what
I’d heard about probiotics — and specifically this brand. I’d heard that they naturally
help regulate and benefit the gut, help skin, and make you feel better. This brand
also offers other products, so I was excited to try them out as I tried to rein in my sugar.
This isn’t compensated, but I was sent some samples to try out and I promise
I would never waste the time sharing if I didn’t love all of these and plan to
make them part of my diet and routine. I got a bottle of the famous Ultimate
probiotics, the Kaha vanilla protein powder, a few treats, and the baking mixes.

First let me say that I really did notice such a difference from taking the probiotics.
We were away traveling and visiting family for a month, and I felt so good and
in control of what I was eating, more free from cravings, more full, my skin
was clear, and I was able to be selective about my sugar intake. I just
finished the bottle and even noticed the difference during the past
few days being off them. I feel like they helped me feel better
as a whole, with lots of little minor & chronic things.
I’m already looking to order the next!

Aside from them, I am obsessed with the vanilla protein powder–
one of the best tasting and creamiest I’ve tried– We also ate up
the sugar-free cocoa almonds so fast, and their baking mix
and other products helped me so much with my sugar intake.
I haven’t tried the drink mix-ins or brownies yet but I’m
making them this weekend and can’t wait!

It’s funny how now my eating and diet is based so much more
off how I feel than how I look. Now I notice how food makes
my body feel and I want to be better and more disciplined
with it. It’s a lot harder than it sounds, especially long-term..so
I need all the help I can get. Silver Fern Brand has been the best!
I still love a good dessert and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to
go completely sugar free, but it’s good to feel less cravings
and be able to bake and enjoy desserts that are worth it.

I’d love to hear any good tips to kick the sugar addiction,
and if you try Silver Fern out, let me know! I’ve loved it.



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