Chase’s 29th Birthday!!

Chase’s 29th Birthday!!

We got to celebrate Chase’s birthday in Salt Lake this year!
Being home with family and friends made it so we had multiple
celebrations to ring in his big day :) ..that’s the best kind of birthday!

We went to a baseball game with all of his friends + wives + kids a few
days before his birthday, then out to dinner with my parents the night before,
and his parents the day after! We had a big Sunday family dinner for him too.
On his actual birthday 7/7 we woke up early and went on a long hike up to
beautiful Bell Canyon waterfall and then grabbed acai bowls and avocado
toast (two of Chase’s favorites) at Protein Foundry! We went swimming and
had lunch at the Country Club with my siblings and then dropped baby at
his parents house for a date night just the two of us! We rarely go out to dinner
just us two living away with baby, so it was a treat! We went to Rio Grande Cafe
downtown and saw a movie. It was more low key with just a lot of little celebrations,
but it was fun and I can’t wait to plan a big bash for his 30th next year! :)

For now, I just want to say how much I love this 29 year old. I can’t believe how
well he ages and gets better each year…both inside and out! I feel lucky to get to
live life alongside him and witness the man that he is. I see so many amazing sides
of him that he doesn’t show off or brag about. He is the boy I dreamed of plus so
much more. He has exceeded all of my wildest expectations for life, and we’re still
just in our twenties! He is a lover, a dreamer, a doer, a believer, a joker, an innovator,
a hard worker, a problem solver, and a guy who never stops. He will “never be
satisfied” in life… in the best way possible. He never accepts less than the best,
and us a result makes our life so stellar. I love him and so does baby R.

^^ Birthday eve dinner with my parents at Sicilia Mia– so delish!
The specialty dish — Carbonara served out of a Parmesan wheel ^^ Cute dinner crew! ^^
Linny’s homemade banana cream pie the night before his birthday ^^
Birthday morning beautiful hike!
Bday breakfast! ^^
Swim date!Fun to spend lunchtime at the CC!
Dinner at…
Those cheese enchiladas…!!!Fried ice cream and key lime pie to finish off before walking that meal off downtown..
Loved our little stroll downtown…
Here’s how Chase felt about my idea to rent these bikes in the 95 degree heat ^^ ha!
We went to see a movie (Paris Can Wait) but had the wrong
time, so we had to kill some more time — ha!
Best pickle ball gift from Chase’s parents…
he has become obsessed while here since my parents
have a court at their house and we played in St. George,
so now we can play it when we go back to CA!
Fun Market Street dinner the night after his birthday with Blake & Shel!
…and, to cap things off his parents hosted the best Sunday dinner
with family…Magelby’s chocolate cake included!