California Family Photos

California Family Photos

Now that we’re back in California after spending a month away this summer
(Salt Lake, Park City, St. George, and Jackson) I wanted to share these family
photos we had taken in June before we left town. They capture our baby girl
the month before turning a year old, and they are taken in one of our favorite
spots — the Stanford Dish! I hiked this while in early labor the day I had her,
and in the past year we have run it hundreds of times. It is a special place for
our family and those golden hills were the perfect photo setting. Our cute
photographer was Shefali Parekh and she was great — she captured some
good photos despite the crazy heat wave + a baby past her bedtime :)

I’m also so grateful for these since this past month has been a little
bit emotional with some unexpected health challenges for me.
It should all be okay, but it has been such a reminder of the
preciousness of life and how grateful I feel for each day
that I get to live in this beautiful world with these
beautiful people I get to call mine. I know it sounds
cheesy but my heart is tender and I’m so happy to
have these photos to cherish of this time of life.
♥♥ xo

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