4th of July 2017

4th of July 2017

Baby’s last first holiday was the 4th of July!
It might have been the best yet …what is better
than this summer holiday, especially spent with
family? We had the best and most packed day,
and seeing the reflection of the fireworks in
my baby girl’s eyes at night is something I will
forget. So magical! Loved every second.
Red white and blue!
We stayed at my parent’s house and headed on an early morning hike
right when we woke up. We did the Terraces in Millcreek Canyon and
it was beautiful! Reagan loves riding along in the pack and snoozed a bit…
it wasn’t nap time, but I let it happen because I knew she’d be up late! :)
After our pretty morning in Millcreek it was straight to the Neff’s Pancake
breakfast with neighbors, a flag ceremony, parade, & the best view of Mt. Olympus.
Next we headed to the Country Club to swim since this was my
family’s 4th of July tradition and it’s always fun to go there on the 4th!
Later it was back to prep BBQ food!
My parents grilled a bunch of meat, and I
made Ina Garten’s orzo with roasted vegetables
(one of the best!) + a strawberry balsamic pie
with my mama (she is the crust master).
Cutest backyard BBQ with the Dunn fam!
Chase, my cute Grandma Ginny, and baby Bennett
watching the pickle ball games ^^
This girl was up way past her bedtime crawling laps around the yard,

playing in my parent’s backyard waterfall, and loving cousin time.
Waving her flag! ^^
As you can see, we have our flag flying behind us, in front of the front door. We did have a look at some telescoping flagpoles as we would have loved to have had a large flagpole in the front yard to fly our flag from, but we weren’t sure where would be the best place for it. But this will certainly do for now!WRITE HERESeriously still dreaming about this pie — Strawberry Balsamic.
You must make it. Recipe is here!!!
Finally around 9 we headed down to Holladay for their fireworks
and music in the park! Such a pretty night even before the fireworks.
Love this picture of Chase and my Grandma Ginny ^^
Haha we were all sooo tired from the day before the fireworks finally started
at like 10:15! Love how my dad is half asleep in this pic, hahah ^^
Trying so hard to stay awake! ^^
This girl perked up when the show started!
She was loving it, then got a little scared and
had to be in my arms…but once she settled in
she was mesmerized and it was the SWEETEST.
Chase took this secretly during the fireworks show
and I love the moment it captured! ^^

HAPPY FOURTH. I love our country so much and honor all those
who make it the amazing place it is. I love this month of July
and my two July babies that we get to celebrate all month
long, kicked off by this best holiday.



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