Roman Holiday Musical!

Roman Holiday Musical!

For once we got to see the PRE-BROADWAY premiere of a musical
out here on the West Coast before it goes to NYC! Even better, it was
the darling Roman Holiday. Who doesn’t want to see a classic like
this performed as a musical on stage? It was the perfect girls night
with one of my besties Sarah. We went to dinner and the show in SF,
and loved every part of it! The show is playing through June 18th.
First things first: dinner at Bergerac SF!
This place has the same owners as some of my other
favorites in the city (Palm House, etc). and it kept
up with them. The menu is really small to go along
with their drink selection, but I love a simple menu
when everything on it is good. Makes it easy to choose!
Pretty + cozy interior ^^
We did some pineapple ginger lemon mocktails ^^ Delish!
Our starters were the Avocado Salad and Fried Chicken Biscuits..a nice balance ;)
^^ The avocado “salad” was the stuff of my dreams — so simple, but the best
idea and presentation for a salad. Avocado halves on top of strawberries and
fennel, with crunchy almonds and filled with the best green goddess dressing
in the middle. YUM! The fried chicken biscuits were good with a bit of a kick!

The Bergerac burger is delicious, and a little bit sweet as strange as that sounds!
Between the Hawaiian roll bun, special sauce and sweet onion jam, it feels almost
like a treat. It’s delicious and good to split even though it’s small, because it’s rich.
The real highlight of this dish was seriously the malted potato chips. Some of the best
I’ve ever had, and I’m not normally a fan of potato chips! These were special ones.
Onto the show at Golden Gate Theater! ^^
I was so excited to see a musical version of Roman Holiday, and it was absolutely
darling. It is pretty much like the movie and some of the songs are a little slow,
but if you love the movie and love Europe and the 50’s, you will enjoy it.
I left smiling and enjoyed the entire play. Both leads were amazing!
Meanwhile…back at home Chase had baby Rea and sent me the cutest snaps ^^
We ended the night with a walk back to the car (where we got a little
off track because we were distracted by our conversation, haha!)
and I loved passing the blue & gold city hall lit up for our Warriors…
even thought my quick pic of it while walking came out blurry!


Cheers to girls nights, burgers, musicals,
and long walks through sketchy parts of town ;)

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