Moraine Lake

Moraine Lake

Moraine Lake was probably my favorite in Banff…
It was stunning, a little bit out of the way and less
crowded, with a perfect little hike to go along with it.
We did some driving to get to this spot ^^Starting the day ^^

Everywhere you turn is so pretty driving through the park ^^
I love the wildlife crossings throughout.
For some reason our GPS was showing Moraine Lake as being
an extra hour and a half past Lake Louise, but it was so wrong and it
only took about 25 minutes…so don’t let that fool you if you visit!
It is DEFINITELY worth the drive — do not miss it!
Views on the drive to Moraine ^^
This view is just steps from when you pull up to the lake!
It truly took my breath away ^^ Pure heaven!
Tiny explorer ^^
We got this little one packed up in the carrier and did a 3 mile hike along the lake!
On the other end of the lake the ice was more melted and
the stunning water color was coming through ^^
Three cheers for Lake Moraine! A place I’ll remember forever.


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