Lake Louise, Alberta

Lake Louise, Alberta

The highlight of Banff for us was definitely the
beautiful lakes we visited and hiked around!
I truly think you cannot go wrong in this park, but

there are a few extra special stops. Our hikes had to be a
bit shorter with our little one, but luckily a lot of the famous
places are really accessible. We did most of our driving in
one day and packed these beautiful sights in. I could not
get over the beauty I was seeing. Lake Louise lived up to
all of the hype and photos you see, and we loved some of
the other less crowded ones we did nearby, like Moraine Lake,
Emerald Lake, etc. Here’s some photos of stunning Lake Louise! Maybe my new favorite picture ^^

This one is a close second ^^
Followed closely by this one ^^ Haha too many
good photo opps with these two cuties!
We were visiting a bit early for the summer season, but I
did this on purpose to miss the insane late summer crowds.
I knew the lakes could still be frozen over, but we lucked out
with them being just in between — we saw the beautiful remnants
of winter, but the amazing water color was showing through ^^That Fairmont Lake Louise is pretty special ^^
Maybe our 10 year anniversary should be spent there ;) We had the prettiest stroll in the sunshine before going into town for lunch!
There are some great dining options in Lake Louise, but I’m sharing
this much less obvious one because we liked it so much! We were so
hungry after hiking, and Trailhead Cafe across the way was packed
with long lines, so we settled on Mountain Restaurant, not sure
what to expect. It’s not a place you’d naturally go because it’s a
little bit hidden and looks like it’s just a gas station, but there is
a great little coffee shop and restaurant tucked behind! The food
exceeded our expectations and hit the spot after all that hiking!
Ready for FOOD! ^^
We started with the grilled avocado, something I’ve never had!
So simple but delicious brushed with olive oil, cumin and chili powder.
That combo topped with lemon and lime squeezes was perfection!
Butternut Squash soup with grilled garlic bread…also SO good.
It must have had lots of cream in it ;) We ate every last drop!
I got their grilled chicken, beet and feta salad and loved every bite.
Chase went a little bigger with the Mountain Burger —
BBQ, bacon, cheese, all the good stuff. YUM.
I swear food tastes even better in the mountains!We grabbed some of the yummy huge cookies at Laggan’s
Mountain Bakery across the street (try the “health cookie
and the PB chocolate chip) and we were off for more hiking!
So happy to have finally made it to beautiful Lake Louise with these two.


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