Kootenay & Canmore

Kootenay & Canmore

On our last day in Banff we went into Kootenay National Park
to do some hiking and exploring, followed by lunch in the cutest
bordering town of Canmore. Both were amazing and worth visiting!
Family selfie hiking Marble Canyon ^^

We made it through just before the rain hit!
It’s hard to tell, but the water color here is so unique and light.
I think it gets even brighter blue in the middle of the summer,
but it was still beautiful and glacial looking when we visited.
This little hike is so doable for anyone — you park right at
the trailhead and it’s a short 10-15 minute walk along the
canyon to the top of the falls! There are bridges crisscrossing
the canyon all the way up, and the views are jaw-dropping!
You can’t tell, but these bridges were SO HIGH UP. A little scary!!
The narrow slot canyon reminded me of the Narrows in Zion!

From the hike we were headed to explore the cute town of Canmore…
I adored this town and would recommend looking into staying here
even over Banff, due to the lower hotel prices and maybe less
tourists. It is only about 15 minutes outside the gates of Banff,
and so dang charming like Park City/ Aspen/ other ski towns.
Everything in the town is stunning set against the mountains.
We picked our lunch spot and headed to The Grizzly Paw!
Find me 2 cuter lunch dates… ^^
I was third-wheeling it with them:)
We started with a yummy fresh & simple beet salad ^^
I got the salmon to share with my little girlfriend — she was a fan!
Chase went for the pulled pork sandwich …so flavorful and unique!
I’ve said it before — food tastes better in the mountains.
Food also tastes better with that kind of view while you eat ^^
I had to take a picture of this bear warning sign in the entry
of The Grizzly Paw — to send my dad, the bear attack survivor! :)
We’ll have to come back some time and eat with him here!
The little rainstorm cleared up during lunch, and
we strolled town in search of dessert.
Ice cream served in a school bus tempted us, but we held out
for the best froyo ever at Canary. Don’t miss this place!
The ice cream at the Scoopin’ Moose is good too, (same
owners we heard), but the froyo won in our book!Canmore was something special. Don’t miss it!


2 thoughts on “Kootenay & Canmore”

  • banff is at the tippy top of my canada list (along with jasper) so I’m so jealous, you’re trip looks amazing. I love that you guys are making things work around a baby. I always thought to myself that I had to do all the things and visit all the places BEFORE having a baby, but you’re proving that’s not true which is a good thing. Also, if that’s a cotopaxi, then we’re jacket twins :)

    • you have to go!! it was so amazing and yes still doable with the baby :) and YES! it is cotopaxi — the best! love that we’re twinners! xoxo

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