Heritage Park, Canada

Heritage Park, Canada

When I was looking up things to do in Calgary,
Heritage Park came up as one of the top things!
I am a sucker for old-fashioned open air museums
like this, maybe because I used to be a volunteer at one
in my hometown of Salt Lake City (This is the Place Park)
and we’ve also loved them in places all over the world
like these ones in Norway, Sweden and Denmark… so
I was excited to visit Canada’s version! It was a fun thing
to do on our last day in Calgary before our flight out. It
felt very local with lots of families out for the day enjoying
it, and it was fun to be among them! It was also kid heaven
with carnival rides, classes, a train, ship ride, with plenty of
history for the adults…and my favorite of all: tea on the verandah!
So darling from the minute you arrive ^^
There was an ice-cream making class on the schedule the
day we visited, which you know I was first in line for :)
Cutest bakery, with the fluffiest and prettiest homemade bread!
(And HUGE cookies)
After walking a big loop through the park we were ready for some
tea time before we explored more. It was on the Verandah of one
of the darling historical homes, and one of my favorite things ever!
It was darling and delicious and relaxing to sit in the shade
out of the hot sun and enjoy high tea with our little family.
There was something so sweet about having baby Rea there
for a fancy tea time! She was loving it and so were we :)
^^ Pretty princess at her first tea.
The sandwiches were cucumber, ham & gruyere,
and smoked salmon with cream cheese.
Prettiest tea set ^^
Cheers to tea on the verandah!
Next it was time for the train ^^
Arguably Reagan’s favorite part of the day!
Reagan loved waving to people out of the window
and clapping the entire train ride ^^
Somewhere between the carousel and ice cream class our lens

got smudged, so excuse the blurry spot in some of these photos ;)
But I loved little Rea standing on this ship swing! ^^
Reagan’s first carousel ride! ^^
She was clapping and laughing sitting on the horse before it started,
but when the ride started she got a little bit freaked out :) She was 
okay once we held her, but kept staring at the moving horses so confused!
Some of the rides we couldn’t do because little
Rea wasn’t quite tall enough yet ;)
She wasn’t quite tall enough for the swings, so I
left her with Chase for a sec so I could ride them :)
Can’t ever pass up the chance to do these!
(The last time I did them was in the Tuileries in Paris here)
We did the steam ship ride to end the day.
I always love to get out on the water on any trip!
We lucked out with a beautiful day!
This cute historical village was a huge highlight for us and a fun
addition to our time in Calgary. It would be even more fun
with more kids the older they get — so we’ll hope to come back!




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