Dunn Family Pictures

Dunn Family Pictures

It’s so crazy that my entire family had not been in one place
for three years to the DAY until we reunited in Park City
last weekend! We all have been living in different places
since my parents left on their mission in 2014 (them in
South Africa, us in California, my brother Jeff and his
family in Virginia and my brother Brady’s family in Utah).

We had all spent time together separately, but hadn’t been
in one place since June 2014 when my parents left. Even
though they got to come back in April, my brother Jeff
was finishing grad school and not able to come back for
that so we were counting down until we were all back in
one place! It was the best feeling and we had a few photos
taken to remember the occasion! They were a little rushed so
they’re far from perfect, but we loved capturing this moment in time!
My brother is a professional videographer & photographer
so we just set up his nice camera on a tripod and clicked away
since it is a little crazy with the kiddos! If he wasn’t we’d have asked our friends for some options – one of them got some shots done with thestorytellerstudios.com recently, and they look great – for the event. We got a few good ones!
This candid in-between shot with Tagg kissing Reagan is my fave :)
Another total favorite ^^

My little nephew Tagg requested a crazy picture between
the smiling ones so we all just played along to entertain the
kids, but laughed at how funny this one turned out!
And, my cute mom after all the madness ^^

Love this family of mine and still SO happy from reuniting!




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