C A L G A R Y !

C A L G A R Y !

We have loved every place we’ve visited in Canada, and Calgary was
no exception! We have traveled through Toronto, Montreal, Quebec,
Niagara, Vancouver, Victoria, BC Islands, BANFF, and now Calgary!
I have been minorly obsessed with each of these places, and I always
tell Chase I could live in Canada. It’s so clean, nice, and friendly! It’s
also so beautiful and we’ve seen some of our favorite sights here. Looking at the amazing lifestyle and wonderful places here in Calgary whisks you off to dreams of moving here and making a whole new life. Although it’s a long shot, maybe one day me and my little family can begin planning our dream house here, maybe look for a Calgary-based mortgage broker who can sort things out for us, and voila! New Dream Home :) Whether or not that’ll happen is something to be seen; in any case, we always love visiting Canada.
We picked the best time to visit again this year, during its 150th birthday!
The country is celebrating all year long offering things like free entry to its
national parks and lots of other fun events all through Canada. We loved
joining the party and wishing it a happy 150 and many more!

In honor of that, we are highlighting 5 things
you can do within 150 minutes from Calgary:

  • Go for a run/bike ride in Prince’s Island Park or further to Calgary’s River Valley — there are endless trails and beautiful areas to explore and be active right from downtown.
  • Step back in time at Calgary’s Heritage Park to learn about history and have fun on rides!
  • Visit the Olympic Park and try a sport like summer bobsledding or ziplining down the ski jump!!
  • Do a short day trip to Kananaskis for some hiking
  • Venture further to hike and explore beautiful BANFF, along with the charming ski towns of Canmore and BANFF

As a home base for all of this, the Calgary Marriott treated us so well and was the ideal place to stay for all that we were doing in the area. We had the nicest room (those Marriott beds & pillows, I swear…), swam in the pool, enjoyed access to the sweet M Club lounge so we had food and snacks all hours of the day (so helpful for baby), amazing meals at the One18 Empire Restaurant, and there was a Starbucks in the lobby for mornings on the go. It was the best! Here are some photos from our time in Calgary.

Driving in from BANFF to this skyline ^^
Checking into the Marriott!
Sweetest surprise left in our room ^^ Reagan was (and still is) obsessed with this bear!
Hello Calgary — from our room window!
Looking out the window to check out the view ^^
It’s always fun to stay right in the heart of downtown ^^
These were the views from the hotel lounge balcony!

We went on a little walk along Stephen Avenue right by our hotel.
It was so cute and we loved that the main part was blocked off for pedestrians only!
Fun to be out on the town with this cutie ^^
…and this cute baby daddy ^^
We walked and walked until our appetites were worked up enough
to go try out One18 Empire! We didn’t know what a treat we were in for…
Please eat at this restaurant if you’re ever in Calgary.
It blew us away. We tried the Alberta Rib Eye one
night, and the Pork Rack another night. The pork
was so distinctive and with those honey-glazed brussels
it’s what we’d order again. The steak was incredible too
and all of the presentation was so spot on! The burgers
that we saw being taken out also looked unreal.
Their goat cheese cheesecake is pretty special too ^^
The next morning we woke up bright and early with this one and hit the streets for a run!
Well some of us might have slept in a little bit ;) ^^
I LOVED that the hotel provides guests with running routes.
We did the 7km route and it was so beautiful.
Running the bridges across the river of Prince’s Island Park! ^^
Quick pit stop at this fun 150 commemoration sign ^^
Can you spy baby and me?
After the run we had breakfast in the M Lounge at the hotel
(seriously best place EVER!) and took a little swim ^^
…followed by bathtime with a towel matching baby’s eyes ^^ Reagan had the best time at the hotel between her bear and her breakfasts :)
We stopped by the Calgary Temple with baby girl ^^
And found the cutest of bakeries on a stroll ^^ Our bobsledding day was a highlight of Calgary too! (See here)
What a city!!
Headed back to San Francisco after such a good visit…
Bye Calgary!



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