Strawberry picking at Gizdich!

Strawberry picking at Gizdich!

The last time we were at Gizdich was years ago, when we were first
married and I had just started this little blog for fun :) It makes me
smile to see those apple picking pictures and remember that phase!
This time it was strawberry picking, and with baby Rea. It was so
fun and definitely something we want to make a yearly tradition.
The strawberries were so big and sweet and juicy… and so cheap!
It’s so nice because you can just pull right up to the fields, pick

as many as you want, and just pay for what you want! It was perfect 
that it was so easy because it was a hot day, and we could just be quick. 
I was surprised that baby Rea loved it and joined in some of
the picking herself! We sat her down and stepped back to take a
picture, and she started picking a few and taking huge bites out
of them :) It was the cutest thing! My only regret from the day
is not getting more strawberries because they were so so good!
Loved having Kendall with us!
This girl was tired after our sunny picking date and all those strawberries!
We just had one more stop to make…
…Our reward! The famous Gizdich pie.

Strawberry Rhubarb + Olallieberry with ice cream!

I love days like this so much.
Here’s to a whole summer full of them!


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