Sam’s Chowder House in Half Moon Bay!

Our beach days have begun here in NorCal!
The weather was so hot last weekend and we
were celebrating my birthday so the beach
made sense. I’ve wanted to try the famed
Sam’s Chowder House forever since living
out here in the Bay, so we decided to head to
Half Moon Bay, (and actually just north of it
to Miramar Beach) to soak up the sun and
get a fun lunch. It was baby Reagan’s first
time actually sitting in the sand and being
old enough at the beach to enjoy it! It was
so fun to see her crawling around and playing
with sand (minus the clean up after :). It was
such a nice day, but after a while the wind picked
up and we wanted to get baby out of the sun, so
luckily lunch awaited! And it did not disappoint.
My new beach day = just trying to keep bebe from getting sunburned
and eating sand..haha I laughed at this candid Chase captured! ^^
Finally, time for lunch: 
We started with the appetizer special of seared ahi, and..
…the Daylight Farms beet salad which was so good.
arugula tossed with mandarin oranges, pistachios, bleu cheese
and lighter local golden beets (some of my favorite!)
Quite the view from this scenic lunch spot! 
…and the main event ^^ the renowned lobster roll.
Grilled bread, and buttery, delicious lobster.
What’s not to love?  Apparently it’s been named in the
Top Five “Best Sandwiches in America” by The Today Show.
Matt Lauer is Chase’s hero, so he loved knowing Matt loved it :)
The halibut was my choice, because it was just the simple and fresh
local catch. It was perfect and I’d get it again. The way it was prepared
was my favorite: with a ragout of spring onions, sugar snap peas, fingerling
potatoes and asparagus with a lemon butter sauce. I loved every bite!
We saved room for dessert, and I could not resist the warm strawberry &
rhubarb cobbler with a nutella center. So many of my favorite things in one!
The dessert winner for me was the organic soft-serve with sea salt and olive oil.
It was so unique and perfect!
And lastly, Chase went for the key lime pie because our waitress said
it was her favorite — and we could see why. Key lime pie can be the
best or worst dessert, but if done right it’s amazing. This one was
done so right with fresh limes, sweet creamy custard, & toasted meringue.
Dessert girl through and through :)
Reagan fell asleep by the end, so we had a relaxing date
(at least for dessert :)
So glad we finally made it here to try this fun spot in the best setting!
It’s nice that it sits on a quieter beach a little bit outside of main
Half Moon Bay so that you don’t have all the same crowds
(but you should still expect crowds at Sam’s on weekends!) 
We took a quick stroll after lunch to walk it off…
Prettiest (and yummiest) day at the beach!

Here’s to some more spring beach days,
followed by lots of summer and fall ones.


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