Reagan at 10 months

Reagan at 10 months

Double digits for our girl!!

This week Chase and I laid in bed one night being the most cliché parents, looking at
videos of baby Reagan and dying over them. We stayed up way too late laughing our
heads off and marveling at the tiny little nugget she was just a few months ago, and
how much she has changed. We were both truly mind-blown that the tiny baby in the
videos was even the same person as this spunky hilarious 10-month-old. I love how
equalizing parenthood is – each experience is so different, yet so much the same at
the core. I found myself saying all the exact things I have heard so many friends and
family members and even strangers say … that it goes so fast, and they change so much!

Luckily like I keep repeating, Reagan is getting cuter and more fun every day..
so while a little part of me longs for that tiny 7 pounder, I also wouldn’t trade
her for the 18 pounder she has become. She is a little slice of heaven (with slivers
of some of the opposite once in a while ;) but every night we get on our knees
and thank heaven for her. Not a better gift in the world. Sorry to be cheesy,
but just need to record how truly lucky we feel to have this chick. With my
first Mother’s Day this month, I am feeling so grateful to be one…especially to her!

This month was all about nailing our routine, and it has felt so good. After a lot
of the month before spent away, we really dug in to a solid schedule and have
been doing so well. We’re still flexible and on-the-go, but the basic schedule has
helped us all so much. This month we had visitors, beach days, first time camping
(sort of ;), play dates, dinners out, farmers market outings, and the start of summer!

Dear 10-month-old Reagan:

? My favorite part of the day is the early morning after you nurse and I prop you up to look out the window and you stare and wonder and smile at the people walking by, squirrels, birds, the cars… Taking it all in with those big beautiful blue eyes.

? You are starting to *kind of* know right from wrong, in small little ways. When you pick something up off the floor before putting it in your mouth you always look at me to see if it’s okay (it never is!). When we go to the beach you now know not to put sand in your mouth, but once in a while you still sneak some in ;)

? You are cuter by the minute and everyone loves you wherever we go! They all notice you and make comments, and you love smiling back at strangers.

? You’ve been a good cuddler this month…probably because of those two front teeth!

? You are my little shadow wherever I go in the apartment. You will be playing with kids toys or reading but if I walk out of the room, you always follow!

? You love to find objects in drawers or my purse or anywhere and hand them to me :)

? You clap your hands at almost everything and it’s my favorite.

? You take your binkie and like it, but only right before sleeping.

? Your hair is getting longer and going over your ears!

? Your little two bottom teeth make your smile the cutest ever…but I bet it might be topped by the top front teeth coming in! :)
Pre-church pics we try to take most weeks ^^
^^ Baby’s first selfie, hehe and best feeling in the world ^^
Always on the move somewhere! ^^
Cuddles and crazy hair ^^
Fun with dad at our weekly Los Altos Farmers Market outing ^^
We survived the looong drive to the coast for camping with some baby foot rubs.
You were the cutest little camper once we arrived ^^ too bad it was freezing and windy!
We had to test out our little backpack before camping. You’re a fan!

Best eater! You will eat anything and everything, and are good at feeding yourself.
You also love brushing your teeth before bed with this cutest toothbrush :)
^^ You totally sleep on your stomach now and look like a little teenager sometimes :)

It’s so funny when you wake up and sit or stand holding the crib slats like a
prison cell. On the right is my favorite, smacking your forehead while waiting ^^
Your dad is so sweet with you ^^
…and you’re so sweet with him! (except when he tried to put you to bed ;) ^^
Cheesy grin in your watermelon outfit ^^
You have loved these two new toys from our friend…this
funny scooter and this stand that plays music with each button!
I never understood why people owned so many funny kids toys
and now that she’s so active I love every single new thing she can use- ha!
One of your first little play dates this month with Kate! ^^
You’re so happy on any outing, whether it be Costco or the park! ^^
Baby baseball fan ^^ hehe
Just trying on some of your new swimsuits we picked up at Target for the summer :)
Sweetest snoozer ^^
Just practicing her duck face on the right ;) ^^
^^ Pretty excited when a package comes just for her :)
Kisses from Dad ^^
We love you little miss thing! ^^
Stop growing up, but also keep growing up because you’re so beautiful
and full of life and we love seeing you grow and change every day.