Off the beaten path in Colorado

5 experiences you won’t
want to miss in Colorado

What do you think of when you imagine a vacation in Colorado? Maybe the skiing. However, there is so much more to do and see in Colorado than its many famous ski resorts. Think about taking time this summer to explore some of Colorado’s amazingly beautiful and interesting backcountry. It’s not as far as the Alps, and promises to be a vacation you will never forget!

1. Mesa Verde National Park

You don’t need to be a history buff or an archaeologist to appreciate the amazing adobe structures built by ancient people long before settlers from Europe traversed the Atlantic. Built at points in the 12th and 13th centuries, these adobe structures, many of which are circular in design and of a sacred nature, offer an all-too-real look at the art and culture of a people long forgotten in this age of technology. These ‘buildings’ are proclaimed to be some of the most beautiful adobe and sandstone structures in the world.

2. Paint Mines Interpretive Park – Calhan

As one of the most truly unique geological wonders in the world, Paint Mines Interpretive Park was known to attract native peoples as far back as 9,000 years ago. There is no place on earth quite as naturally colorful. In fact, the colors of the clay are so bold and beautiful they are likened to the psychedelic art of the last century.

3. Eagle County’s Oldest Town – Red Cliff

With Denver being famous as the ‘mile high’ city, the town of Red Cliff is around three thousand feet higher in altitude than Denver, which makes it higher! Here you can enjoy the backcountry at its best year round by contacting Colorado backcountry ATV rentals and taking a ride through some of the state’s most amazingly gorgeous trails. Half-day rentals are family-friendly and you even get a map so that you can plot your own course through the backcountry!

4. Hot Springs at Desert Reef – Florence

This is one place you may not want to bring the little ones because these natural hot springs are a ‘clothing optional’ recreational location :) But it is one of the more interesting places to visit for those who seek the restorative qualities of hot springs that have become a huge draw in the new age.

5. A Real ‘Hanging Lake’ – Glenwood Springs

Located about 1,000 feet up inside Glenwood Canyon lies one of nature’s most beautiful and interesting lakes. The Hanging Lake is ‘held’ in place by walls of travertine and the color is the most amazing shade of Paris Green you’ll find this side of Paris! You’re likely to see trout popping up now and again as the lake is filled with them, and if you like waterfalls, Niagara has nothing on the beauty and majesty of the ones you’ll find here.

So, next time you hear ‘vacation in Colorado,’ let your mind wander far from just Denver.
Colorado has some of the most amazingly beautiful landscapes and you’ll always find
something of interest in the backcountry you probably never knew existed. If you’re considering moving here full time, check out Douglas County CO real estate.

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