Merry May

Merry May

I know the word “merry” might fit more with December, but I also think
it fits the happy push from spring into summer just as well. This is such a
bright time of year, and we have felt “merry” all of May in the warm sunshine,
having the first bbqs of the year, taking up road biking (what?!), going camping,
strawberry picking, trail running, beaching, Bay exploring, celebrating my first
Mother’s Day, spending time with friends, playing tennis, and Chase starting the
rest of his paternity leave (he still had 2 months off from Google that he had to use
within baby’s first year) so he is taking it this summer and just started it a week ago!
So you can see why things have felt extra merry around here :) True summer break!
We’re off on a Canadian adventure today, so see you from there! For now, some of May:
One of our random goals is to snap a little family selfie every week as we walk
out the door to go to church. I have friends who do this, and it’s a sweet way to
capture time as it flies by! We are always dressed up so it makes it easy! ^^
♥ this girl.

On a few hot days we’ve taken advantage of Stanford’s fountains — they allow
swimming in all of the fountains on campus … so perfect with a little one!
First farmers market of the season with our faves! ^^

These two + R’s overalls at the market = too much to handle
STRAWBERRY PICKING = major highlight of the month, and of the year!
We couldn’t pass up this restaurant with Reagan’s initials! :)
I can’t believe I got a road bike — I’ve always had cruisers or hybrids, and resisted the
full-on road bike because my entire family is so into it and Chase and I just haven’t been!
But our area is so amazing for it, and I need some cross-training other than running.
So I just got a super basic one at REI, but liking it so far! I have to leave early to get
any decent ride in, but it’s been perfect with Chase on paternity to stay with baby!
(He is still resisting the whole cycling thing- ha)
A big stack of pancakes + the park make for a good morning

We finally tried the iconic Hobee’s — so old school, but fun to try.
It reminded me of Cowboy Grub, a classic place in SLC that we’d
go to growing up. It was so good but SO heavy, ha!
Runs along the trail to lunch with Dad is one of our favorite things ^^
Plenty of park dates have been happening ^^
We swing and do playgrounds until she’s tired out,

then she naps in the stroller courtside in the shade
while we play tennis! Great little system :)

Little missy turned 10 months this month! Only 2 more until
we stop counting the months and start counting the years?!
My favorite errand buddy ^^ Costco is like Disneyland to her, especially
when there are samples she can try! We bought the ingredients for homemade
taquitos and glad we bought in bulk, because these are a new favorite! ^^
First summer BBQ with friends in the perfect weather // followed by shaved ice at Teaspoon Los Altos!
Lucky me to celebrate Mother’s Day as a mother this year.
I will never get over the privilege it is!

Let swimsuit season begin!!!
Chase flew to San Diego overnight for a last-minute meeting,
and my dad happened to be there on business too! We were
sad to miss it but it was so last-minute and just a quick stop!
So glad they could hang out in SD though!
Snapchat from my dad when he picked Chase up at the airport :)

We’re backwards here where the hills and hikes are green all winter and turn
brown all summer! It’s still so pretty though — I prefer to call it golden :)
More Sunday pics ^^
Good quotes + happy mail ^^

Homemade cobb salad + my version of homemade
bread stuffed with sundried tomatoes = heaven!

Trying to up our workout game this month ^^ (I’m nowhere near Chase’s
strength with this kind of thing, yet I can hold Reagan for way longer than
he can when we’re out…haha #mommuscles)…And following those
workouts with big breakfasts like these breakfast tacos– yum.
We also did the local 10k this month and it was so beautiful (and hard!)

Friday night ice cream date on Castro Street downtown ^
Love our walks and all of the pretty blooms everywhere!
Going places with our friend Dusty always means giant treats…
this kettle corn was the size of our baby riding around in the stroller! Haaha
The stroller is also good for holding the giant strawberries we
bought and snacked on as we walked. So sooo good.
May brought the birthday of one of our besties Sarah!
Hers was just a few days after mine at the end of April,
and her husband Al’s is a few days before mine — so we
all had a week-long celebration including Los Altos Grill,
pear cake, yogurtland, balloons, the works! Love them.
Celebrating Sarah’s bday on the dish! ^^

Dish with friends is always a good idea ^^
Fresh flowers and a new white Dutch oven! (I found it at World Market
because it was 1/4 the price of Le Creuset as much as I love those!)
Fresh spinach salad + homemade BBQ chicken pizza for the win ^^
Farmers market cutest ‘strawberry pie cookies’ that I want to re-create…
also, my cleaner almond butter cookies that I posted the recipe for here!
In major news this month, Chase’s dad tracked down his birth parents

(he was adopted as a baby) after 60 years. Both of his biological parents
have passed, but he found who they were and has been meeting all of
their kids/ his half-siblings and other relatives! So amazing! The
craziest thing was getting this photo of his dad (Chase’s biological
grandpa) and seeing the crazy resemblance to Chase!!! ^^
Pretty blooms around our neighborhood ^^

We eat dinner at the Los Altos Farmers Market every Thursday night and
the food stands are SO good. The burrito stand and crepe stand are two faves!
Had to do lunch at Google before Chase went on leave, and loved this cute sign ^^

Homemade acai bowls + the best sweet potato and
onion frittata we made in the cast iron skillet ^^
Our friends Page and Lucy came in town but these littles didn’t cooperate for a pic :)

Blackberry salad + sweet potato and kale pizza.
I’ll post all of our favorite pizza combos soon!
Beach days with these two!!

I braved “Avocanana” bread which is what it sounds like — avocado banana!
I liked it, but it is definitely different and wayyy healthed up.
Also finally attempted Levain Bakery copycat cookies from
ABK and they were TO DIE FOR!!!!

Thank goodness for cherry season and all the baked goods that will be happening from it.
This cherry almond tart won my heart and I’ll be making it 100 more times I hope ^^
One last Sunday selfie of the month ^^

We discovered the best little random Hawaiian BBQ joint right by our place,
and my goal is to become regulars here…they will probably remember me by
my weird avocado smoothie order that copies a place in Utah ^^ it’s SO good!
Some biking to balance out all that yummy food that’s been happening :)

And the best kind of meals at home ^^
Also the best — these healthier versions of condiments we ordered ^^

Packed with more veggies and less sugar!
^^ Capitola cruisin’
Training Reagan to ride in the little backpack carrier so we’ll be able to do hikes in BANFF! She lasted about an hour then wanted OUT and on dad’s shoulders :)
Memorial Day hike with these besties to end the month ^^
Rancho San Antonio Preserve ^^
Of course we did an oreo milkshake taste test afterwards ^^
Best pork dish with apricot chutney ^^

Crossing our favorite bridge for a Memorial Day weekend adventure to SebastopolLoved you, May!