Adaptable April

Adaptable April

Yes I know I’ve been cheesily naming my monthly recaps with alliterations.
Sorry, not sorry! :) I’ve liked coming up with a word for the month
as I think back on each one. April was definitely about being adaptable.

For one thing, it was the month my parents were asked to move home
earlier than expected for a job my dad was asked to do (we were planning
on July). It was the best news, but made it so we booked new flights,
got covered for work and arranged to spend over half the month there
getting things ready and then welcoming them home and being together
during all of the big events. Baby R had to be adaptable living in their
house for 3 weeks (she LOVED it) and we changed up some plans to
make this sweet and memorable time possible. Then Chase flew from
there and headed down to South America on a business trip for a few
weeks. I stayed in Salt Lake a little longer and then came back to California,
where I had to adapt to being here solo and missing out on Brazil for lots
of reasons. I had to show myself I’m adaptable and that this one time,
accompanying him didn’t make sense (even though I was so sad about it!!!)
I think being adaptable is one of the most underrated skills, and I hope
this fun and crazy and unexpected month has made me a little better at it.
So glad that spring showed its face this month and
we could introduce baby Rea to sitting on grass in the sun!
Nothing like the month of true springtime! ^^

Family photos with Chase’s family by one of our favorites. 
Reagan is so mobile and even learned to climb stairs while in SLC!
Her cute cousin Lydi was always right next to her showing her
how, and snuggling her with lots of kisses too :)
Family trioBike rides!
Beautiful day spent with Chase’s family in Mapleton while in town!
Tulip Festival in Utah with family! It reminded me
of our life in Holland this time last year.
The cutest riders in the bucket bike! ^^
4 generation picture with my mom, grandma and baby
on Easter before heading back to California! ^^
Easter with my blue-eyed babe ^^
 A week after I flew back to CA, my dad came out to visit!!
He had business nearby, and hadn’t seen our new place
since living in Africa – so it was such a treat to get him
here! My mom was on a girls trip with friends, so we got
him all to ourselves and she came the next week. We soaked
up our time with him, hiked the dish, and ate the best food!
We sent my dad on his dream bike ride with one of our best friends
Al who is basically a pro. Now my dad will want to visit even more :)
We threw a fun shower for our favorite Lindsay and her third
little baby girl on the way. The food was the best part!
My prep for the shower ^^
And the company of course ^^ We all love this girl!
Icing on the Cake famous cookies + Kate’s famous cookies = best combo.
Also = stomachache from eating both but they were too good not to!
We made some pretty salads, and I loved Sarah’s pretty berry bowl with mint ^^
Little baby bestie ^^
April was filled with showers! My mom and I threw another one while I
was home in Utah for my cousin Trav and his bride-to-be Lilly!
It was crazy to have snow and spring all in one month thanks to our Utah trip! ^^
Pretty spring food ^^
I’ve become obsessed with this homemade bread my friend
Randi taught me how to make! It’s been on repeat.
I’ll share the recipe ASAP now that I have it down!
Spring salad & the spring Jenibee market! ^^
Baked Bear goodnesssss ^^
A little glimpse of Chase’s adventures in Brazil! ^^
He was there for a few weeks for business and
met up with his best friend and his brother to
travel around Paraguay on a weekend between
his meetings. They went to Iguazu Falls which
I was so jealous off…it looked amazing!!
I guess baby Reagan might not have done as
well exploring these soaking waterfalls :) ^^
He explored São Paulo and even had a layover in Mexico City
to see the ruins and the cool parts of the city! ^^
Loved all of his snaps, and so glad he met up with his friend Sam & brother ^^
He brought back the cutest presents from Brazil, especially
for baby…loved this cute blouse & handmade Brazilian dress ^^
Baby and I got to go on the news this month!
 Flowers + groceries left by my cute husband when he went away on business.
…along with a darling little “Easter basket” for me and baby from him.
Visit from our Papa Bear! ^^
 He was here for business so we loved having him
over at our place, and visiting him at his hotel.
Dinner as always at our favorite ^^
I hosted book club in my teeny apartment this month,
but it ended up being so fun. We read “Born A Crime”
by Trevor Noah and since it’s about South Africa, I
made South African food with a chutney dip from there,
and Malva Pudding cake. The best part is that my mom
happened to be in town over it (unplanned), so she was
able to talk about South Africa and added so much!
Downtown Castro Street poke bowl dinners ^^
Outdoor scrabble playing with baby R!
Love our Dish routine followed by a huge smoothie.
Right now I’m hooked on a berry – beet – ginger combo
with carrots, kale, spinach, bananas and coconut milk.
REUNITED finally and back at church to end April! ^^
Nothing like being back home and making good food at home ^^
We hit 9 months with this cutie this month! ^^
Cutest of all candy shops right by our house! ^^
So sweet and fun to have my mom in town for a week when Chase was gone ^^
Such a fun time together ^^ I’ll post our adventure soon!
Birthday cupcakes and treats all month long :) ^^
^^ Food truck date night to get Japanese crepes at J-SHACK!
Ending the month with a warm day at the beach to celebrate my birthday!
Last but not least, we took some family photos this month
with Chase’s family and I’m so glad we captured this stage!
I’ll share the rest of them next! Happy May, goodbye April!


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