A week with mom in town!

A week with mom in town!

My mom hadn’t even been home from Africa for a month and
she already came to California to visit! Lucky us :) Chase was
in South America on business for a few weeks, so she came
to hang out with Reagan and I and helped me get through
the long last week before he came back. My dad had just
been here visiting on business the week before, so we just
had the best girls week and it was such a fun few days!!
We played with baby Rea, took long walks, got ice cream,
went out to eat, hiked the Dish, cooked, shopped, and
had a fun adventure day to the beach and Pescadero!

^^ Early mornings reading with Yaya Linny
while I slept in or went to the gym (lifesaver!)
The perfect wall message in True Food Kitchen! ^^

Dinner date at Lyfe Kitchen in Palo Alto ^^
^^ Visiting the goat farm in Pescadero!
We had some pretty drives with baby Reagan

falling asleep as I rubbed her feet :) Too cute ^^
Best morning having breakfast in the middle of

the Redwoods at the famous Alice’s Restaurant ^^
My mom and I are such pie people so we had a multiple pie outings
during the week :) From olallieberry to double cherry at the Creamery!
Farm shirt shopping at a little pop-up in Pescadero! ^^
Pressed freezes + Dish hikes! ^^
My cute mom walking through Palo Alto on our way to get tacos! ^^
Crispy chicken at LYFE! ^^
Pescadero Beach ^^

Self-timer photos at the beach…haha
And classic Linny, soaking up some sun + catching a nap
while I nursed Reagan in the car on the way home ^^^ hahaha
We loved every minute having our Yaya Linny in town!

Come back soon! ♥


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