Getting my parents back home after 3 years living in Africa
has been a little bit of heaven on earth. We’ve been SO excited
for this and couldn’t believe when it was finally here!!
They were serving as mission presidents for our church in Johannesburg,
and got home 3 months earlier than originally planned due to
my dad being asked to head up BYU Broadcasting and begin
this new job right away, so we gladly flew in to greet them
on March 30th instead of June 30th!! We got here a day
before so there was time to get everything together and
prepped for their arrival! My brother Brady and his family
were here, and we were just missing my brother Jeff and
his family back east who are coming this week for the
Homecoming talks and events! Loved this day and we’ll
remember it forever! Here are a few airport pictures:
We got these cute t-shirts made for all the kids and grandkids to wear!

I designed the simple little “Welcome Home” with Africa and Utah shapes
on Canva, and we ordered on UltraPress! We also made a HUGE banner
with the same design and it was so fun to have it all coordinated!
Getting set up in the international terminal ^^

Tagg & Lydi getting excited! ^^
We arrived an hour early because we were so eager!
Checking the arrivals! ^^
Cute Lydi modeling her shirt ^^
Tagg brought the book my parents made for all the grandkids when
they left — crazy how much has changed. Double the grandkids now!

^^ Baby Bennett, the newest member of the family and only grandchild that my
parents hadn’t met! He’s one month old and was so cute in his Welcome onesie.
Tagg took his South African flag holding duties so seriously
and was so patient waiting for my parents to come out ^^
So exciting tracking their flight!!! ^^

Anxiously waiting! ^^
My dad sent this picture of my mom as they were landing in SLC ^^
3 years is a long time to be away from those mountains!
^^ After what felt like forEVER, we spotted them!!!!!!
^^^^^ BEST THING EVER!!! ^^^^^

Meeting her newest grandson ^^ So tender!
Returned with honor ^^
^^ Facetiming Maddie and Zach, our two littles in Virginia who will be here soon!!
Reagan loves great-grandma Gigi! ^^
My mom and her cute sisters + mom ^^ Poulson gals!
After such a sweet airport reunion, it was straight to:
CAFE RIO for their first meal at home :)
My dad said he didn’t eat the entire 11 hour
flight from Amsterdam in anticipation of this, ha!
We got the banner hung back up by the time they got to their house ^^
My cute mom walking back into her house was the best :)
I posted it on snap/ insta stories, but they were so cute and excited!
We got their fridge all stocked up and it was so fun seeing them back here.
The sweetest sight! ^^ Just missing 2 more grandkiddos who are on their way!
We relaxed at the house the rest of the day,
and this girl was so happy to be at her
grandparent’s fun house with cousins! Giggling with cousin Lydi!
And Taggie ^^
The moving truck arrived with the pods shipped from Africa! ^^
^^ And these two little ones arrived with Whit a few days later to complete
the grandkids all being in town and come to the homecoming :)
All of our shirts laid out! ^^

We’re soaking up this weekend together watching conference, unpacking
the house, eating out, cooking, hiking watching conference, and being
together. I still can’t believe it, and excited to be here for a few weeks!!