Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point

Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point

This exact time last year we were living in Holland,
(about to move home) I was 7 months pregnant, and
we were seeing the famous tulip fields come into bloom
there. We did Keukenhof on Easter weekend, and biked 
the fields again during our final weeks there to say goodbye.
That beauty made it hard to leave, but also made it a
sure thing we’d be coming back. For now, I’m glad I
was able to get a little taste of my Holland tulips at the
Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival in Utah while visiting
family. It was so beautiful and fun to do as a girls outing.
I love that it lined up on Easter weekend just like last year!
Last year she was in my belly at the tulips…I liked
having her outside my belly this year ;) ^^
Just look at those tulips!! Loved being with my sister-in-laws
and mom and all the kiddos for the first time in 3 years since
before my parents mission! (Reagan was asleep in the stroller
which I am holding outside the frame of this picture haha)

Love these cuties^^ Tagg, Maddie & Lyds
All of the little kids in our family are spread out between
Virginia, Utah and Caifornia, so being with cousins is a treat!
The biggest hit with the kids was this giant outdoor

Scrabble board! We all loved it and I want to put one
in my backyard someday..such a fun idea. We played
for a little bit and spelled all the kid’s names which was cute.
Lydi + Reagan = bffs already ^^
I am always a sucker for the names of variations of flowers ^^

I’m also a sucker for little darling Lydi! ^^
This Italian Gardens staircase was probably my favorite part ^^
^^ Umbrella walk!
I felt like I was in Europe at this part ^^
Too bright to look up, but those sweet springy daffodils!!!! 

We spent a few hours in the gardens, and by the end
everyone started to get a little bit tired ^^ haha!
I guess it’s a sign we had a fun and packed day that by the
all the kids were a little bit fussy and ready to go home ;)
Had to capture this tulip field reflection in Mindy’s sunglasses ^^
I’m a little in love with the newest member of our Dunn fam, baby Bennett ^^
Love Whit! ^^

And in love with this little tulip girl. Tulips will always be
special to me because they are how I found out she was a girl!!
After the beautiful tulips we grabbed lunch right by Thanksgiving Point

at the new Lehi location of Slab Pizza. It’s a Provo favorite I had never
tried but heard lots about — now I can see why all the college kids love it!
This is a casual pizza spot, but the thing that sets it apart
is the variety and uniqueness of the flavors offered. They
are so creative and different and unlike pizza you can
get elsewhere. We were all big fans and hope it comes to SLC!

A few flavors we tried: Thai chicken (a favorite), White Pizza,
Veg + Pep + Sausage, a kid’s pizza, a special, and more.
Next time I want to try the Pesto and the Rosemary Potato + Bacon!!
Peek-a-boo with cousins makes any meal better ^^
The highlight for me was “CJane’s Rocket Pear salad.”
It was amazing and packed with arugula, bacon, pear,
bleu cheese, candied walnut, red onion, + balsamic vinaigrette.
There is also a pizza version of it which would be equally amazing!
Thai Cucumber Salad ^^ it’s a fresh and different kind of salad!
Super thin crust while still somehow being chewy ^^
A fried egg on top of a pizza == actually so good!
^^ Reagan’s face when she saw alllll the amazing pizza come out :)
We were all fighting over the last slice of the Thai pizza ^^
This was the perfect family friendly place to stop after an outing at Thanksgiving Point!
Last but NOT least, the owner Andy told us his wife makes
these homemade Panna Cotta creations that blew me away.
I don’t normally love Panna Cotta, but when she must know
what she’s doing — the Nutella flavor was heavenly, and
the strawberry was also amazing. Do not miss these!! ^^

Nothing like being home with family — loved this fun day!