SLC trip welcoming my parents home!

SLC trip welcoming my parents home!

We just got back from almost 3 weeks spent in Salt Lake City
to welcome my parents home and spend time with family!
The original 2 weeks turned into 3 for me, because Chase
had to head to South America on business so I changed my
flight since otherwise I’d be back in CA alone without him.
It worked out well to stay an extra week because after all the
crazy homecoming events then we had time to relax, have
fun, and spend time with family since everyone was in town.
As always, it was a big exhausting party all week long with
so many fun outings, seeing friends, and spending time with
family, eating all the best food, etc. etc. etc. Reagan had the
time of her LIFE playing with cousins and having so much
excitement. It really was so fun to see her surrounded by
family and loved ones. Here are some of the zillion pictures
I took! I also posted about welcoming my parents home, the
homecoming events, the tulip festival, amazing new SLC
  a fun shower we threw, seeing my Dad at

his new job, celebrating Easter at home, and more!
Here are all the in-between moments to remember..
We were so excited on our flight, knowing my parents
would be coming in the next day after years abroad!! ^^
Baby R LOVED having endless space to crawl in my parents house!
She got so much faster and better at crawling staying here…
and she even conquered the step – her favorite spot! ^^
So amazing to have these two back with the little ones,
and also to play at my brother’s fun new house!  ^^
 Reagan got so much cousin love, especially from Lydi–they are little besties!
Spring blooms + my very favorite Citris takeout ^^
5:30 AM Millcreek hikes with my mama ^^
Millcreek crew! ^^
Family pictures + cousins! ^^
I was pinching myself the first few days trying to
believe these two were really just back in SLC! ^^
We did lots of spring biking around the blossoms in the
Trio bucket bike we rented while in town — it was so fun
and reminded us of our Dutch days biking around with the kiddos!
^^ Rea + Lyds = the best of buds! So sweet seeing them together…
…especially in the bike ^^
Reagan would only go in the bike if Lydi was beside her holding her hand! ^^
The sweetest little faces …
More fun with Lydi ^^ Cutest duo!
Lots of fun with her great grandma Gigi ^^
We took a few 4 generation pics with my cute grandma
since this was the first time we’ve all four been together
since the baby was born. I already treasure these!
All the cousins (except brand new baby Bennett) in their matching shirts! ^^
Cutest cousin Maddie always making Rea smile ^^
Love this Dunn girls + kiddos crew (at the Tulip Festival!) ^^
Baked Bear ice cream sandwiches with Papa Bear ^^
So many good new places to eat ^^ This one is Slapfish!
My favorite moments were just at my parents house letting
Reagan play and spend time with her grandparents!
One of my favorite moments was meeting our newest tiny
perfect nephew Bennett! He was born a month ago and
we’ve been counting down to come in town and hold him!I was the first one of our spread-out family (South Africa, Virginia,
California, Utah) to meet this little bundle…lucky me!
Fun Easter outing with Chase’s family ^^
Spring ski days watching Tagg in ski school! ^^
UTES spring game was a highlight…my happy place! ^^
Citris lunch with our Tempest girls and kiddos ^^
Touring my dad’s new job !! ^^
Gram, mom, aunt and cousin ^^ ♥
We threw a fun shower for our favorite couple getting married!
My cute cousin and his fiancé …love you Trav and Lil!
Love my Lydi girl ^^
..and so does Reagan :) ^^
Reagan crawled so much in my parents house that she
kept laying her head on the ground to fall asleep mid-crawl..ha! More bike rides! ^^
Lunch with our favorites, the Ferrins! ^^

Birthday dinner for Papa Blake at Red Butte! ^^
Eating with cousin Whit!
^^ Fun to take family pictures with Chase’s family for his dad’s 60th!
Lunch dates + movie dates (Beauty and the Beast was soooo good!)
Fun with Mads and Zach! ^^
And tennis birthday party for my sister-in-law Mindy at their new house! ^^
So sweet to see my dad back with the grandkids ^^
Soccer with Papa Bear! ^^
Daily walks in Neffs Canyon, made even prettier by the April snow.
A clear day with a view of downtown ^^
Best hiking/biking crew in the canyon ^^
Nothing like being reunited with besties and their babies! ♥ Anna and Ginny ^^
and Meg & Molly! ^^
Baby play dates ^^ So cute!
Love these besties ^^ they spoiled me with such a fun early birthday dinner.
Rea loves Amanda! ^^
Loved this acai place (Acai with a Blend) in Sugarhouse ^^

I posted on insta here tagging some of my favorite new spots!
So nice to be back in my mom’s kitchen cooking with the pro!
And to have mother-daughter dates…shopping and lunch! ^^
Fun to get time with Chase’s mom too! Reagan loves Mimi!
Views from the city + the mountains ^^
Biked up Emigration Canyon to Ruth’s Diner one morning for breakfast!
Nothing like those mile-high biscuits, especially after biking up the canyon :)
Soaked up every second that I could spend with my grandma, mom, and babe!
Dates with Ginny and Maddie! ^^
Sunday dinner shenanigans and playing with Aunt Mindy ^^
Family cookie date one of our last nights in town ^^
Breakfast our last morning before leaving…with lots of Papa cuddles and giggles!

Goodbye beautiful Utah…
See you next time! ♥


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