Slapfish SLC!

Slapfish SLC!

I have been wanted to eat here since the second I even heard the catchy name.
I drooled over the photos, read the menu, heard about it, and knew I had to try!

This is a “modern seafood shack” that has been brought to Utah
from Southern California and other locations…and from the line
out the door, it seems like they know what they’re doing here!
Fair warning: this place is not for the faint of heart (or, appetite).
Though the fish is fresh and there are healthy options, a
majority of the menu is indulgent and buttery…and delicious :)
From the lobster roll to the clobster grilled cheese to the clam chowder
fries, there is everything from basics to unheard of combinations.
The lobster roll was delicious, and definitely the best I’ve tried in Utah.
It’s rare to find good ones outside of the East Coast!

The clam chowder fries are such a unique idea ^^
I don’t think I could order them again because of
the pure heaviness, but they are fun with a group!
Lobster tacos == BUENO. Seriously, these were just right.
It makes me want to try their regular fish tacos too!
The tortillas were amazing and all the flavors just right.
The fresh Mahi salad was my favorite and what I’d get again.
It showed off the fresh fish selection and tasted amazing!

This place offers a different and better selection of fish
than anywhere I’ve seen in Utah, all in a casual but
nice setting. It’s worth checking out because it’s
guaranteed to offer something you haven’t tried before!

Look this place up if you live in any of these lucky locations.
Utah is lucky to have it, and the line out the door proves it.

I’ll be back to try the shrimp burrito and fish tacos next time!