Reagan at 9 months

Reagan at 9 months

I repeat myself every month saying this month has been the best yet
with baby Rea, that she’s come into her own, shows so much personality,
and is just more and more of a little person instead of a baby every day!
9 months feels like a big milestone. She’s been out as long as she was in,
and this month has brought the BIGGEST changes with crawling,
standing, babbling, and doing so much! Exhausting, but so fun.

A lot of this month was spent visiting family in Salt Lake City as
we welcomed my parents home from Africa, so Reagan thrived
with endless space to crawl, cousins to play with, parties to
attend, toys to use, and people to meet. It was a LOT but
she was flexible and so happy all while teething! She did have most
of the teething symptoms so I knew it was coming, which helped me to prepare.
I imagine it would have been a nightmare otherwise!
Dear 9 month old Reagan,
You bring so much happiness and light (literally) into every room.
Your fuzzy bright blonde/white hair lights up in the sun and catches
everyone’s eye. Your bright blue eyes have a light in them and everyone
comments and notices since you are such a people person and
always looking to make eye contact with anyone around.

This month we want to remember:

? Your hilarious “wave” which is just you holding your hand in the air regally like a salute.

? Your favorite couch perch at home

? The way you conquered the step the first stay staying at Papa & Linny’s house, and every day for 3 weeks climbed up and down it and all over the house fearlessly
? The way you smile and giggle with cousins and baby friends. You especially love your cousin Lydi and became besties this month during our visit! You were inseparable and would laugh and giggle every time you glimpsed her!

? The past month you’ve switched to being rocked to sleep (ever since teething began) but we actually love it so much (most nights ;) and you even let Papa Bear rock you to sleep!

? Your two bottom teeth are so perfect and they make your smile even cuter! Soon it will be time to take you to our Dentist in Hampton for the first time… I’m excited! I’m sure you will be so well behaved darling and I hope you’ll enjoy it.

? You loved your first Easter with an egg hunt in Mapleton with the Thueson side, and then a pretty Easter Sunday at church with Papa & Yaya and an egg hunt with Dunn cousins in the backyard. I was so surprised that you actually crawled around and picked up eggs. You loved it! You didn’t know/ care what was inside them, but you liked collecting the colorful eggs and playing in the grass wearing your bunny ears. So so cute. You make every holiday (and day) so much better.

? You were on the NEWS this month! Since you’re such a traveling little babe who has been to multiple continents and countries at the ripe age of 9 months, we got asked to do a travel segment about traveling with babies! I got to bring you on and the end and you looked so cute staring out at the bright studio lights. You’re a star ! :)

? You are LOVING food but also loving nursing which makes me happy.

? Your very favorite thing right now has to be the tub… Probably because the tub at grandma Linny’s is so nice and fun. You start clapping and bouncing when the water turns on, and you LOVE being in there with your toys and letters. You’ve started to crawl around in there and you could stay for an hour. You LOVE it!

? You have a good little schedule of waking up around 7 AM and nursing, then playing and eating breakfast at 8 AM (usually a scrambled egg, some avocado, berries, etc). Then you play some more, read books, crawl, play games, and take a morning nap between 9:30- 10 AM. You wake up around 11 or 11:30 and nurse, then eat a little lunch at noon! You love every food. We do lots of butternut squash, sweet potatoes, veggies, etc. We usually go on outings in the afternoon, and you fit in an afternoon nap between 1:30-3:30 ish. (It’s been a little different with our visit to Utah :) After that you’re up and happy, out and about, you nurse and eat dinner around 5:30 and play play play! You tub around 7:30, nurse one last time and are asleep by 8:30 for the night! (Except for teething /traveling in Utah — you did a few middle of the night wake ups there :)

So many changes this month ^^ learning to crawl down your little rainbow
and finding you fully standing up in crib one night! Game changers!
The thing that got you to truly crawl was my phone, playing music!
You wanted it badly enough that you motored on over finally!
Miss Independent standing at the little play kitchen at my mom’s! ^^
A few teething woes this month … on the left is your sad face
as you chewed on anything possible to make it feel better.
On the right is your happy face once your first bottom two came in!
Looking so old crawling up the stairs + standing at
the play kitchen at Papa & Linny’s in Salt Lake ^^
A plane to ourselves!
So sweet celebrating your first Easter at home in Utah with family.
I will never get tired of the baby robe…going
to put you in it until the last day it will fit!
You had a hard late night teething before we left to Salt Lake,

so I let you stay up and pack with me…and look at snapchat filters ;)
It was a lot to pack up your outfits for youu first Easter,
family pictures, and the Homecoming! I would like
your wardrobe all in my size, please!

My baby bestie ^^
Don’t be embarrassed — your parents love you so much!
Happy girl on the playground ^^ You LOVED the tub at Papa & Linny’s and Dad got this shot from above :)
You are a TV star! You were on the news this month
in a little segment about travel with babies :)

Our happy, clapping 9 month old! ^^

Haha this picture kills me! Your sweet little self with a cold,
just along for the ride and being such a good sport out and about!

These last few pictures sum up your independent and curious stage at 9 months…
Successfully pulling off your bow above ^^ and seeing where you can crawl next:

We love you sweet girl!