Parents Homecoming!

Parents Homecoming!

A week after the fun airport reunion, we had the main events of
my parents homecoming talks + parties. It was fun to have a
week in between where we could help them unpack and
settle in before these big events! It was a full weekend
with a big party on Saturday for friends and family to
come by and welcome them home, and then their
homecoming talks at church on Sunday with their
missionaries + families being invited over after.
 I’m still tired from all the festivities!! Here are some
glimpses of the weekend — and Utah even added its
signature spring touch with a warm Saturday and a
completely snowy Sunday ;) All 4 seasons in one weekend!
Still kinda can’t believe they’re home! I thought this day would never come.
These Protea arrangements were sent by some darling family friends,
the Foss’s. It’s a South African flower that they were so sweet to send!

SO. MUCH. COOKING and prep for these parties (plus a shower
we threw for my cousin the day before..) Whew! Luckily my mom is a
pro and also had the sweetest friends who helped bring amazing food!
It was so sweet to see so many missionaries who had served in South Africa
with my parents. I knew most of them from my 3 visits over there, so it
was amazing to see them all back here! A lot traveled from different places
nearby…and of course my parents missed all of their African, European,
etc. missionaries who live too far away to be here in person!
Baby Reagan at church early, ready to listen to her grandparents speak!
They gave amazing talks and everyone definitely cried when all of the
former missionaries got up to sing the Johannesburg mission song.
Craziest amount of snow overnight!
^^ South African flag cookies made by our cutest friends the Olsons!
Packed house full of missionaries & families ^^
My mom made so many Malva Pudding desserts for the missionaries —
a South African favorite that she learned to make living there! Soo good.
Gram + baby Rea getting ready for a party! ^^
So fun seeing these elders returned home and with cute girls on their arms! :)
My nephew Tagg wearing his future missionary badge :)
My dad showing off his newest grandson Bennett ^^
The littles stole more than their fair share of the Africa cookies ;)
Love the Olsons and all of the amazing people the mission brought into our lives!
Chase and my grandma Ginny hanging out during the parties ^^
3 generations! (Reagan was napping or we would have taken a 4 generation one!)
The missionaries love my parents so much, and they love them back even more!
And from the party the night before…
My grandma came in town from Oregon to surprise
my dad and be at all the events which was sweet! 
My mom’s friend had these amazing Protea arrangements made with
the South African flower that my mom loves so much. There was so
much amazing food in the house, and I think I tried one of everything!Nothing like seeing friends and family reunite after almost 3 years!
Luckily my parents love and know all my friends so I got to see my
friends at all of the events too! Love my Meg, Amanda + baby Molly ^^
My mom made so many scrapbooks from the mission — their missionaries,
mission events, and books for every grandchild who visited ^^ So fun to see!
Meanwhile you could find all the kids in the nursery during the parties ^^
And I had to snap a picture of them in their little Welcome Home shirts!!
(Just missing newborn Bennett who was napping – but he has the same onesie ;)Love this friend and all her support ^^ 
Haha Reagan was a bit overwhelmed by the end of the night.
Lots of people!!! 
And I found these hooligans hiding out in here late at night ^^
Loved celebrating their return!
Thanks to all our friends and family who made it so sweet!


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