Feeding baby

Feeding baby

Feeding baby has been one of my favorite
things so far! Nursing her has been amazing
and we’re still going strong on that, but adding
in solid foods has been so fun. I love sharing my
love of good healthy food with my little one and
seeing her love it too. I’ve made a lot of her food
and we try to have her eat parts of our meal that
we’re already eating at home, but we have also
discovered some of the best options for traveling
or being on-the-go during the day. I feel like I’ve
tried almost every squeezable pouch brand at the
grocery store, and our favorite by far has been
Plum Organics. I have been picky about the
store-bought food I get for Reagan, but luckily
there are great options like Plum! They first
caught my eye from the “colors” series, called
Eat Your ColorsĀ®. So clever and cute!

We always have these on hand because I love the unique flavor
combos and the simple colors which will help baby learn too!
I have been buying this series since she started solids, and
Plum was nice enough to send a few of their new ones over too!
The combos are so good they are foods I want to eat myself!
For example: RED: strawberry, rhubarb, apple and oats
PURPLE: cherry, purple carrot, blackberry & millet
ORANGE: sweet potato, apricot, papaya & cardamomHa she looks like she’s frowning, but this is actually her serious
eating face which means she’s loving the food :) This is the
veggie packet with just butternut squash + cinnamon ^^

^^ We’ve also tried the Grow Well series with amazing nutrition focus!
Stage 2 and Stage 3 meals are what we’re onto now, and I am loving them.
I love that they describe these as being for “budding foodies” because
that’s what I want to do – develop her palate and keep her well-fed!
The other brand we’re loving (clearly ^^ :) is Pure Growth Organic!
These are snacks for when she’s a little older (so I eat most of these
right now, ha) but we’re stocking up to have good snacks in our bag
all summer long. Clearly she’s thrilled about it ^^

Here’s to a well-fed baby!