Baby’s First Easter

Baby’s First Easter

Every holiday this year has been been so special with baby along,
but Easter had to be my favorite with her so far! A) She was finally
old enough to at least take a little part in it…I was so surprised
she was crawling around in the grass picking up eggs and
putting them in her basket! and B) We spent it in Utah
around family and cousins so we had lots of special
celebrations and events to go to! The one and only
sad part was we were missing Chase who had to
fly to South America on business…but we still made
it memorable and fun and took lots of pics for him :)
I’m sure holidays will just get more and more sweet
with Reagan. This year, we loved celebrating Easter
at the Thueson Easter Egg hunt in Mapleton the
day before, then having brunch and church with
my family, and a hunt + dinner that night before
Reagan and I flew back to California the next day.
I love the meaning and season of Easter so much.
Pictures outside of church at my parents’ ward!

Bunny onesie & ears ^^
Easter hunting (& hugging) with cousin Lyds! ^^
Papa Bear always making the grandkids giggle ^^
Zach and Mads showed up to add to the fun!
With Chase’s family at the egg hunt in Mapleton ^^
Little cousins born 2 days apart! ^^
We ♥ Mimi! ^^
Easter Sunday dinner at my parents’ house:
Favorite Tasha’s South Africa salad made by Minds ^^
Easter coconut raspberry cake that I made! ^^
Easter Sunday before & after church! ^^
The best Easter dinner of lamb chops, flank steak, charred
brussels, butternut salad, asparagus, and homemade bread.
After all of that I flew home the day after Easter to find
my own “Easter basket” left from Chase who had stopped
through home for a day on the way to Brazil, and somehow
put all of this together…with little love notes to me and Rea
hidden inside each egg. So sweet! A happy and memorable Easter!


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