Reagan at 8 Months

Suddenly the 8 month mark of Baby Reagan has arrived!
Chase keeps saying that Reagan has hit her stride this month…she’s
in a routine, so happy, sleeps 12 straight hours every night, loves
people and other little kids, giggles and squeaks at everything,
knows and recognizes people, has her own little sense of humor,
loves eating, is flexible, and so so fun. I’m normally not too sad
about her growing up because she has only gotten cuter + more fun
with each passing month, but it did make my heart sink a little bit
to realize today she is 2/3 of a YEAR. I can see why people always
say it flies — but in the best way. Already I can barely keep up with her!

Dear 8 month old Rea:

♥ You started waving at people this month! It’s the best thing ever seeing your floppy wave and smile at friends + strangers. After a few weeks of big waves, now you hold your hand out all regally and it’s even funnier than the classic wave!

♥ Your sense of humor has come out so much. You know when something is funny, and you love to play tricks like peek-a-boo, high fives, anything. It’s easy to make you laugh even just by glancing over at you and you keep us smiling and laughing with your squeaky high-pitched giggles.

♥ You love your sweet potato and strawberry puffs. If you’re sad or mad and I get them out you immediately stop and slowly reach for one with your thumb and index finger and pop it in your mouth happily. They also get you to crawl and scoot all around the house if we put them in a trail!

♥ Speaking of crawling, you’ve been on the move all month…mostly an army crawl, with a few real crawls on your hands and knees mixed in there. I saw your first actual crawl on March 12, 2017. You are so proud of yourself and love moving around! You like to maneuver from your belly up to a sitting position and then pull yourself up on anything.

♥ You’re really good at sleeping, girlfriend. 11-12 straight hours every night like a champ!

♥ You got your first two teeth at once this month!! They came the same week as a bad cold for all 3 of us, so you were a trooper. The teeth are your bottom center and cute as can be. We found them on March 5, 2017- Papa Bear’s birthday! We suspected you were cutting some teeth, and you confirmed it by chomping down on your dad’s thumb when he felt inside your mouth :)

♥ You do the funniest looks across the room to check if we are watching when you play. You like to at least be in sight of us when you have your own play time.

♥ You have all of your favorite little tricks and games — the best one is being perched on the couch or edge of the bed and scooting yourself off for us to catch you!

♥ You love dogs and all other babies/kids and all people actually! You are so charming and don’t get scared by anything. You will let dogs full-on lick your face and just giggle! I promise to get you one when we move to a bigger place :)

♥ You’re starting to pull yourself up on everything. The best is putting you inside of your pink striped basket and you peek-a-boo popping up and down from inside of it :)

♥ You clap and clasp your hands and always have them so dainty and cute.

♥ You reach for mom and like me to rock you to sleep ever since you started teething. I can’t say I mind because I know I will miss this clingy phase when it ends :)

We love you sweet baby Rea!

^^ Your first acai bowl in Palm Springs…it was
well-deserved after your first half marathon! :)
Your favorite spot to be: in your striped pink bin!
^^ I had to capture this darling habit you have of grabbing this
picture of us (your birth announcement) every time you get changed.
^^ Such a big girl at the playground this month – Dad loves taking
you down the slide! Also, so cute munching on your apple ^^
Thank goodness for spring & swings!
Cutest bay babe ^^
^^ Your two outfits of the day for St. Patricks!
I loved calling you my little pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
Love this face ^^

I love mealtime with you. You’re so polite and look the cutest in your classy
pearl bib
(We got it at Nordstrom, this brand, and I’m obsessed.
It also catches all her dropped food which helps with clean up ;)
Also, that spoon on the right is the best thing — you fill it with
baby food and just squeeze a little out as they eat. It’s a lot
easier and cleaner than spoon feeding from a carton.
It’s the Boon Squirt and we take it everywhere!

My little outing partner, to the store, on jogs, all over town!
^^ I love that she’s big enough to sit in the cart (almost)
You were so sweet with your first bad cold this month ^^
You would nap anywhere and just chill in the Dock all day.
^^ We set up all your pals to help you feel better ;)
Little sweetheart spending the day in SF ^^

Loving this wooden CA teether toy!
Bathing babe ^^
Hanging on your couch perch, and scooting all the way over to the door
so you could sit and stare at us while you were playing with toys -ha!

^^ A girl after my own heart – loving that mango!
We also loved FaceTiming our Papa Bear on his birthday!
Best little eater with the best invention ever ^^

Seriously it’s the baby item we use the most right now!
Boon pulp. It’s $5 and life changing to put any food in there
and let baby feed herself! She’ll suck on it for like 30 minutes!
Chase’s rule for dressing you is that if I would wear it myself,
I can dress you in it. Haha, he’s ridiculous! However, I do wish
I had
this darling sweatsuit in my size. Can’t handle the cuteness?
Stripes + stripes ^^
Always on the move ^^ but luckily can’t take off too fast yet!
Two captures by your dad — haha cutest little yawn!
You get tired out playing with him :)

You are so curious and can be entertained by a new object for an hour…
as long as I’m in there to watch you play with it ;)
I couldn’t resist these bunny ears at the store…Easter bunny came early!
(I didn’t even mean to have you in bunny pants at the same time – perfect :)
Haha I loved that you had zero idea these were on your head ^^
I love my new necklaces that represent my baby girl ^^
So do you, you grab them every second I’m holding you!
Dad got a nice new Pixel phone and now sends me the sweetest
pictures of you. I love this blue-eyed bathtime close up.

Can’t believe next you’ll be 9 months!
We love you and know how lucky we are to be your parents.

'Reagan at 8 Months' has 3 comments

  1. March 21, 2017 @ 10:48 pm Courtney Alkek

    That bib is so cute! I love Chase’s rule about dressing her, I like to think I have the same one.


    • emi

      March 21, 2017 @ 10:56 pm emi

      haha you dress leighton SO cute!


  2. April 9, 2017 @ 8:02 pm Rachel

    She’s too cute! I can’t believe how old she is already – time’s flying! And Chase’s rule is too funny!


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