Rainy Feb

Rainy Feb

February always feels like it ends just a few days too early…
maybe because it does, on the 28th! I’m never prepared to
see March 1 on the calendar, but this year I love it because
it’s now the month that my parents will be home from
South Africa! I still can’t believe it. We’re excited for
this month ahead and a hint of spring, but first…
let’s recap our cozy February with plenty of rain.
The city looking perfect for February with all its pink! ^^
The month of love spent with this little love ^^
A month full of hearts and pink bows ♥
{from here}
All things Valentines all month, from red beet smoothies to
pancakes served on pink plates. I just can’t help myself!
Two favorites from Traders this month…their strawberry licorice,
(a MUST) and their flower section — always the best and so cheap!
Trying to crosstrain plenty this month while we were also training
for a half marathon. I was sore from doing spin + pilates all in one week!
^^ A rare sunny day, so beautiful and green from all the rain.
I love when my hikes are followed by a yummy salad at home ^^
This month one of my favorite friends moved :( So sad!
We had a girls night to say bye to Rach. Already missing her!
Rainy, cloudy city ^^
Chase has been traveling for a work a lot lately. I laughed at these snaps…
one from leaving SF, the next when he was landing in snowy Cleveland.
I don’t even think he brought a good coat! :)
Showing Reagan Cleveland on Facetime, and showing us his fancy rental car -hahaha!
I also had to screenshot this sweet ping from Chase :)
He is a sweetheart.
Started feeling a little tropical near the end of this month with our produce stock up ^^
^^ Favorite little neighborhood market that reminds me of our Europe life :)
But I also love my all-American Costco runs…though I might
have gotten just a bit too much asparagus? Ha! ^^
Pretty sure I am still sore from this floor pilates class ^^
More hearts all month long! ^^
Reagan had her own little Valentine, our favorite Owen! ^^
My annual heart pie for my Valentine! ^^ Strawberry rhubarb cherry this year.
The finished product, with the perfect matching card made by my bestie.
“Galentines” night with the cutest friends! ^^

Whipped up some pear cake for one of our best friend Tom’s birthday this month ^^
^^ We love this guy! So fun to celebrate him.
Couldn’t resist this little suit for baby for Palm Springs,
or some new items for me from this cute shop online ^^
Another girls night out this month to see RENT at SHN.
It was the 20th Anniversary tour and so fun to see again.
It is a rough story but the best music and so powerful!
(I don’t know what’s happening behind us haha accidental photobomb)
I’m in love with the back of her fuzzy little blonde head…
and the view from above while she plays at church! ^^
Arguably the best moment from the month ^^ :) CAFE RIO
in Southern California on our way to Palm Springs. ^^

Breakfast + Dinner. Lunch was probably a grilled cheese or something,
but at least the bookends were healthy :) I have a deal with some friends
here that we snapchat each other a picture of all the things we eat every
day. It helps me think a little more about what I’m eating which is good!

Rainy and kind of scary road trip down the coast to Palm Springs.
At least it was beautiful and green before the rain and flooding!
We made a fun pit stop in Pasadena on our road trip, to see

two of Chase’s best friends who live there with their wives and
kids! We love the Baucoms and Jensens and so fun to see them.
Loved this family road trip, we took it slow and had fun little pit stops ^^

My kind of February ^^ Even if it has been
rainy, it’s the ideal climate to me!

Love strolling the city with my babe ^^
Prettiest little Valentine gifts I found at World Market ^^

Gelato dates on Castro Street, and these two + their matching Patagonias ^^
Park swing dates with dad, and little VT treats ^^
At the end of this month we got a darling new cousin for Reagan!
We already love baby Bennett and can’t wait to meet him next month!
On the right is Reagan Facetiming and meeting him :) So sweet ^^
Best SF building we found this month ^^

We had to reorganize the nursery this month and move out lots of
things she has grown out of — baby swing, bassinet, clothes, etc! Crazy.
Oakland Temple date this month. This is what it’s all about, in one picture! ^^
Play date in SF at the Fullers with Reagan’s cute little friend Chloé!
Reagan loved meeting Lily too! ^^
A week after our half marathon, Chase signed us up for a 10k right

by our house on Shoreline. We pushed the stroller and it was beautiful ^^ 
Fun to run with our friend Tom! ^^
The best reward after the 10k — yogurt ice cream ^^
Mountain View Firefighters 10k!
Kendall’s cheese platter for the Oscars ^^
Still can’t get over that botched ending announcing Best Picture!
We ended the last night of February with Reagan facetiming
these two :) It was the night of Feb. 28th for us, and the
morning of March 1st for them in South Africa … which made
it so exciting that we could now say, “see you this month!”

Time to march into March!


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