Mellow March

I rarely find myself saying this because I don’t like to be negative,
but March was kind of a rough month over here for me!
Nothing major, but just a lot going on — my job has gotten so
overwhelming and a little crazy balancing it with staying home with
baby. Reagan has been teething and a lot more needy // clingy
which on one hand I love, but it has taken so much more time + has
required an hour of rocking her to sleep some nights only for her to
wake up again, etc. With this and the job stuff I’ve been so stressed
and snappy, we got sick twice (all 3 of us), Chase has been slammed,
and we just haven’t been at our best. It’s hard not to be by family
when things feel so crazy, because they would provide help and
a break but sometimes it feels like just us and I haven’t handled
it the best…AKA eating only treats for every meal, not sleeping, and
being snappy to my love. We’ve had a big fun trip to SLC coming up
at the end of the month for the BEST THING EVER (my parents
moving home from Africa!!) but I think leading up to it all March
I’ve just been a stress case wanting to get things done before leaving
town for a few weeks. All that is to say, that I’m grateful that I have
made a habit of doing monthly recaps because as I looked back through
my pictures from March, I realized how much fun and goodness there was
sprinkled into the lows. I’m grateful for a way to remember the beautiful
things in this life, because there are SO many and I need to savor them more.
It’s the little things that make up our life, and I hope to remember them!

Blooming flowers on the city street = sign of Spring!
^^ Also, I loved spotting those South African Proteas.
I braved this homemade bread that my friend Randi taught me how to make,
(easier than it looks!!) and it was heavenly hot out of the oven with butter + jam.
Two good views on a pretty SF day ^^

I also made a new favorite dessert I’ve made in a while.
It’s a healthier banana chocolate cream “pie” made with
no added sugar, flour, butter, oil etc! It’s mostly nuts, dates,
cacao, etc. and I will post my version of the recipe soon. Yum!
We found ourselves doing another race this month!
Just a 10K, but so fun to run along the Bayshore
right nearby and push the stroller again!

This little Silicon Valley babe sitting in a self-driving car ^^
I wonder if she’ll even need a driver’s license when she’s 16!

You can never go wrong with a good floor tile ^^
Successful baby shopping outing in the city ^^
My big brother Jeff came to visit for a week doing interviews!
We loved having him here, and hope he and his family end up by us!!!
We took him to run the Dish, our favorite thing.
I documented all the green things even more this month :)
Also documented any and every sign of Spring between rain! ^^
Most darling Unicorn Rainbow party for little Brooklyn this month!
I am still blown away at every detail of this party!
♥♥♥♥ reunited with Rach!
PI(E) party with pals on PI day 3.14! Best way to celebrate.
Celebrated this babe’s 30th birthday this month with a night out at…
I’ll never be over it. As obnoxious as the hype can be, it exceeds every
expectation and is so incredible. We are obsessed through-and-through.
Thanks for finding tickets that were below $500 each, Chase!!!
So fun to go with these besties ^^
My OTHER brother came to town for work too this month (lucky us!!!)

Always so fun to be with Brady. Keep having business trips out here!
We were *this* close to calling this place home this month ^^
(Add even more stress!) Chase found this darling house and
an amazing deal, and decided it was time for us to have a home.
The crazy housing market in the Bay Area made it so this tiny little
thing was still a pretty ridiculous amount, and the place we are in
now saves us so much money that it just wasn’t justifiable or right
timing…but we were so close that we even HAD THE KEYS for a
day but both didn’t feel right about it. Heartbreaking and overwhelming!! 
Japanese crepes cheered us up at J-Shack food truck ^^ Thanks, Off the Grid.

More good Asian food on Castro Street for a night out ^^
And, a new true obsession for Indian food ^^ Curry Up Now!
The butter chicken burrito here = life changing!!!!
Little pot of gold at the end of the rainbow on her first St. Patty’s Day!
St Patty’s Day jammies and later, St. Patty’s Day dress ^^ 

^^ And, my green running attire on St. Patty’s :)
^^ My lucky charms from Made by Mary + our little leprechaun on 3/17 night!
We also got a CRAWLER this month which is so fun but also changes the game!
We celebrated Papa Bear’s birthday from afar this month!
Can’t wait to celebrate more in person!
A batch of these beauties always makes me feel better.
So does this place ^^ …Even though it was closed most of the month :/ 
More green beauty! ^^ If you can’t tell, I LOVE where I live.
Girls night out to celebrate our friend Katie’s babe on the way! ^^
One rainy March weekend when we were all sick we decided to venture to the
nearby Computer History Museum since we’d never been. It’s amazing,
and I had to take a picture of the first Apple protoype for my dad! ^^
During our 10+ days of being sick, I was tempted to buy this print…
and also drank every water, lifeaid, and tea in sight to feel better.
Breakfast with a half-foggy view ^^
 I love every corner of the city ^^
Cowgirl Creamery + the cutest tote bags at the market ^^
Girls night out while the boys took Reagan on a boys night out ^^
Sweetest dad, sweetest babe ^^
I splurged on new gold silverware and I love it.
I made a huge bowl of pasta & invited friends over to break it in!
Lots of little friend playdates this month! Dinner at the Bennions,
and lunch with the Whites when they came to town!
Colorful food…some healthier, some not ;)
PS this pasta salad is Ina Garten’s orzo with roasted vegetables
that my friend Kate makes and it’s amazing. Try it!!! 
Homemade pesto pizza with riccota, cherry tomatoes and pine nuts on
TJ’s whole wheat crust, + cherry pie oatmeal bars. Both SO YUM.
Somebunny is ready for the next holiday! ^^
This one adds so much happiness to every day (and so much tiredness :)
I braved making Indian food for the first time and it was pretty good!
I made this healthier butter chicken recipe with TJ’s naan.
I’m telling you, I’ve been dreaming of this dessert since I made it.
I promise I’ll post the recipe!

These two and their cuteness ^^ Glad they put up with my craziness this month! 


'Mellow March' has 10 comments

  1. March 31, 2017 @ 4:52 am [email protected]

    was surprised to see that you weren’t posting more, but it sounds like you had a rough month, but I also see so much good in here to celebrate. the right house will come to you when it’s time. enjoy your visit with your parents


  2. March 31, 2017 @ 7:06 am Margaret

    I’m sorry you had a rough March, but thank goodness for all the fun you had in between! Quick question, where did you buy your gold flatware? I’ve been dying for a set!


    • emi

      March 31, 2017 @ 3:02 pm emi

      it is just from target!! i was about to get some gold flatware i saw at world market, but then saw it at target (threshold brand). it has held up well so far through 2 washes, so fingers crossed it stays pretty!!! it was definitely the best price i’ve seen from the sets i’ve looked at. i had to buy 8 sets haha!


  3. March 31, 2017 @ 9:56 am Anna

    Always love your darling updates, even on a rough month! Just curious, what is going on for you work-wise now? Sounds like it was a busy one!


    • emi

      March 31, 2017 @ 4:55 pm emi

      you’re so sweet!! so i am doing a little freelance and then managing our apartment complex working for a real estate company – it is sometimes totally chill, but other times crazy- and the past month it’s been more than full time but i work from home so it’s so hard to balance with baby!!! lots of showings, paperwork, coordinating, and work but hoping it calms down soon!! xox


  4. March 31, 2017 @ 4:46 pm Jen

    Looks like a great month despite the downs of being sick and the house craziness! I’ve never attempted home made bread, yours looks delicious. Loving all your Bay Area pics!


  5. March 31, 2017 @ 10:32 pm lauren bee

    That dessert looks like it will change my life.
    Sorry to hear you’ve had a rough March, but I really admire the way you reframe things in a more positive light, and I’m glad that you share it with your blog readers :) Also, Pie Day is genius and I wish I was invited. And your wee girl is CRAWLING!! Watch out world!

    I saw on Instagram that your parents are back – you must be over the moon!

    Hope April is less stressful for you. It’s the end of April 1st in NZ, and I can confirm it’s a good one :)


    • emi

      April 2, 2017 @ 2:30 pm emi

      you’re the sweetest ever! you’re invited to any future pie day with us :)
      i’m counting down until one day when i get to go to new zealand and see you!!!!!


      • April 2, 2017 @ 11:13 pm lauren bee

        If I’m ever in the States around Pie day I’m definitely giving you a call! :)

        I hope you get to come to NZ one day! I’m actually thinking of moving to Australia, but I would obviously make the trip across the pond in a heartbeat to see you!!!


  6. April 4, 2017 @ 1:57 pm Hannah

    Yes please post that recipe, that dessert looks absolutely delicious! Sorry March wasn’t such a great month :( it seems like we all have those days/weeks/months sometimes! Hoping that April is a better one for you!


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