How to plan a kid-friendly summer vacation

How to plan a kid-friendly summer vacation

When you become a parent, pretty much everything about your life changes. Everything about life becomes a little bit tricker, but also so much more special and meaningful. Of course, it’s absolutely worth it – but it isn’t always easy. Another part of your life that might change drastically when you have kids is going on vacations. You might be used to a week relaxing in the sun with your spouse, but let’s face it – it’s not quite the same with a toddler. Our little Reagan is only about 9 months old and I can already foresee that from here on out, she will be a lot busier on trips than she was in her first 6 months. No matter the age of your kiddo, here are some tips on how to make the most of your vacation this summer…

Make It Easy

First of all, make it easy on yourself. Now is not the time to plan a backpacking trip through the Himalayas – instead, make it simple and either drive to your nearest beach or take one flight to your nearest vacation spot. You don’t need to try to overdo it or impress anyone the first time you take your kid on vacation – go for somewhere tried and tested and go for package deals that are designed to work with young families. When your kids are older you can go for island hopping trips or road trips, but to start off, take them on trips that are manageable – cruises like Bolsover Cruise Club’s river cruise deals are perfect for children because of how well organized they are. You could even start saving up for a trip to Disney! They’re perfect for any young family – and let’s face it, you’ll probably be just as excited as your kiddo when you see Peter Pan and Mickey Mouse for the first time!

Pack Light

Secondly, look critically at what exactly you plan to take with you. You’ve probably already discovered that having a baby means that you’re weighed down with luggage pretty much at all times, between diaper bags, toys, strollers, etc. But remember that you can buy a lot of supplies in other countries like diapers, diaper bags, baby food, formula and so on. If you’re travelling long-distance, I recommend bringing a tablet along with you for entertainment. Kids get bored quickly! You’ll want to buy the best tablet (or las mejores tabletas digitales as they’d say in Spain) so that it doesn’t break whilst you’re away. Cheaper tablets aren’t durable or long-lasting, so bare this in mind.

Do Your Research

As you probably already know from the countless baby books you read before your child was born, it’s helpful to read up and research about both your child’s stage and areas you’ll be visiting. If you’re going to Sweden, take a look at all of the activities that are on offer. You could look at Saker att göra i Växjö if you’re going to Växjö. This way, you can make a loose schedule so you’re not wasting time when you get there and it also gives the kids something to look forward to. Of course, surprises always happen and nothing in life is truly predictable, but being prepared will always make you feel better about what you’re about to do. Doing research about the area that you’re going on vacation will be extremely helpful – you might be used to lying on the beach for a week or going to upscale restaurants in the evening, but what you really need to know is which restaurants will be fine with your toddler messily eating spaghetti off the front of their high chair. Research child-friendly cafes and other eateries in the area, and remember that in many countries, bars and pubs are a lot more kid friendly. Tapas bars in Spain are fine with children and expect them to be up late at night, and beer gardens in the UK often have play equipment for kids. It’s also important to look up fun day trips that you can take your child on in the local area, like open top bus tours or water parks. Make sure that there’s plenty to do in the area so you don’t get impatient with your kid’s boredom in a small rental apartment for a week.

Stay Safe

Finally, it’s important to make sure that wherever you’re staying is safe for kids. Talk to the owners first to ensure that there’s a fence up around the pool and that items are baby-proofed. It’s also a smart idea to take your child for swimming lessons beforehand if you’re planning on spending a lot of time in the water so they have some familiarity with it. It’s also crucial that you use floating devices for your kid at all times – and that you cover up their smooth baby skin with a swimsuit that protects it from UV rays.

Enjoy traveling with little ones and making special memories!!!


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