SAJJ Mediterranean

We have a new go-to favorite spot to eat in the Bay —
SAJJ Mediterranean! We love it so much and I
wanted to share some pictures of it from the opening
we went to in Sunnyvale! We are lucky to have a location
right down the street from us in Mountain View, and
there are locations in SF, Menlo Park, San Jose, and
more to come! Picture something like the Mediterranean
version of Chipotle, and this is it. You can walk up and
order fresh, healthy, locally sourced ingredients with options
for wraps, shawarma, pita, bowls, salads, etc. We love the
chicken shawarma wrap & the steak salad. You can make
any creation you please! We go probably at least weekly.
Here are some highlights from the menu. Run, don’t walk!

The menu is simple and straightforward, but
there are so many combination options so
it doesn’t get boring. I love every single topping.

Chicken shawarma salad bowl packed with all the good toppings ^^
Their house-made hummus is some of my favorite ever.
They also include a healthy lentil soup with each order!
Pita option ^^ so fluffy and delish.
I could face plant into this hummus. It’s perfection ^^

The wrap is so good, and if you’re a falafel fan you can get it inside ^^
They have fries which I get sometimes when I’m in a less healthy
mood and feel like putting them inside my wrap ;) So good.

Those toppings are making my mouth water! Beets, radishes,
chickpeas, tzatziki, hummus, the works.
Say hello to the yummiest pita chips, hummus and tzatziki ^^
Falafels are hit and miss for me — but these are a hit for sure!
I don’t get them every time, but sometimes add them to my
salad along with chicken korma to mix it up.

Their mint limeade is a favorite, and they offer mint yogurt + tamarind drinks as well.
Chase’s favorite — the pita chips!
Baby is smart and knows when she sees good food! ^^
Last but never least, SAJJ just offers two simple desserts, but they are both
show-stoppers. This place has my favorite baklava I’ve ever tasted — and I
normally would never choose baklava for dessert. Here I would! They also
have added this unique “Hawla” dessert that is so rich and AMAZING. Try both!

Bay Area peeps – I hope you try this place out soon! You won’t be let down.
Everyone else – fingers crossed it expands quickly!! 


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