January at home

January at home

“To be happy at home is the ultimate result of all ambition.”

My goal for January was to sleep every night in my own bed, and take a
break from being so on-the-go. We were excited to get back home, catch
up, and savor. After a December spent away on 3 different continents with 2
nights with my head on my own pillow, this has been so nice to be home all
rainy month long. We had one little cabin trip planned over MLK weekend
and it got canceled, so we did it! We stayed completely home and loved every
every single second. We’ve snuggled up with blankets, read, watched movies,

organized, spent time with friends here, had fun city outings, made cookies, and
enjoyed this month of probably my favorite stage with baby Reagan so far.

I love our little life out here in the Bay so much, and the simple every-
day is the very best part. Here are some glimpses of the month!
We rang in the New Year with our besties Dusty & Kendall…such a
fun night together, & still laughing about the Mariah Carey performance!

Any January that looks like this is approved by me ^^
Lunch at Tender Greens with our faves Joe & Becca, followed
by freezes from Pressed Juicery to keep the healthy day going ^^
They are the pressed juices frozen into a healthy type of froyo,
and my new obsession. I find every excuse to stop and get one :)
Started the month off by cashing in on my Christmas present from Chase,
an at-home masseuse that he booked to come over. He took Reagan out for
a few hours and I got a massage and then fell asleep forever. Best gift!!
Massages are even more relaxing when you don’t have to leave home!
Sad day in January when you have to take down the Christmas cards…
I was proud of my Christmas tree shape though! We polished off some
Christmas chocolates as we cleaned up and stored holiday decorations.
I always love having all of our Christmas cards out from the past years ^^
While we were at it, I packed up and stored baby’s newborn clothes :(
and organized her pretty impressive bow collection ^^ hah!
Back home and in her little desk/car! ^^
She really is obsessed with this thing.
So many game nights with pals this month! Our friends introduced
us to CODENAMES and it’s a new favorite that we’ve been playing lots.
Darling French bunnies + baby girl’s favorite bunny train toy. ^^ I see a theme!
^^ Both of my babies making use of the playmat ;)
We had a city date night out to see
Finding Neverland musical, made possible by:
Our cutest friends Tori and Benj who watched Reagan as
some of her very first babysitters! So nice to have a night out!
Reagan started on food this month which has been so fun!
I stopped by the cutest market to stock up on all organic
veggies to make her first foods because I was so excited!
She started on sweet potatoes and butternut squash -yum.
Crazy night at the Sharks hockey game with the Alders!
We had never been, but it was on our bucket list…
and it was quite the spectacle! The fans are insane!!
We love our Rach ^^
Soaking up all of our time with these two this month,
since we found out they are MOVING in Feb :( :(

A good amount of eating out and eating in this month.
We’re attempting to try most of the places all around us
so we can find our favorite go-to’s. Pizza Studio was fine
and good with kids, but not amazing. This quinoa pasta with
pesto, sundried tomatoes and spinach was a fave at home though!
BIG news this month — My parents are moving home from South Africa
a few months early, due to my dad being named the new director of
BYU broadcasting. We are SO proud of him, and can’t wait to see all that
he’ll do in this new role spreading more good across the world. The cherry
on top will be getting them home at the end of March instead of July!!
Parents being parents, they’ve been to check public records to choose
the best area for them to live, and apparently the water heater isn’t great, so trust them to be having someone to check, because apparently a thorough inspection will reveal if the water heater should be replaced, haha! They have also been regularly informing me of the whole process of them selling their home. They always thought it was going to be their forever home, so they had never planned to sell. They are currently planning to have a sworn valuation done on the house to see how much it is now worth. Fingers crossed it’s more than they expected! Anyway, it seems they’re happy. Hooray!
They told all of us on a video chat last month and we had to keep it a
secret for a few weeks. We cannot wait. Let the countdown begin!
I soaked up LOTS of rainy days in the middle of January with
some good books and honey lemon teas. I love this Savor book
from Brynn that perfectly matches my word for the year.. I also
read Quiet by Susan Cain for book club, and now reading
Upstairs at the White House for next month’s book club!
Reagan had her VERY FIRST babysitters this month, some of our besties
the Hammels! We’ve left her with parents for short times when we’ve been
visiting, but hadn’t left to have a date night since she was born! She was almost
6 months so we knew it was time. We spontaneously snuck off to see La La Land
and these amazing friends came over to hang with her. They are the best!!!
Lunch dates + Costco dates (Why is it always so chilly at Costco?) ^^
A favorite creation from this month ^^ banana FIG muffins!
I mostly loved how pretty they were. I just made this
healthy banana bread recipe as muffins, and added figs.
Reunited with Al & Sar, and spent lots of nights with them this month!
Game nights, dinners out, we love them so much and the best part is
having them living just down the street from us. Lucky us!
So nice to be back home and stocked up on groceries, making all my favorite salads.
A few lunch dates this month at our new obsession: SAJJ!!
It’s like the Chipotle of Mediterranean food and we love it.
There’s one down the street from us, and we also tried their
SF location right by the Giants stadium on MLK Day!
I joined a new gym and have been going so much!
I loved this sweet service dog at yoga class :)
Also, I forgot how amazing body pump class is!
Also, floor pilates HURTS. Signs I need to get back in shape!
Sweet little baby shower for our friend Anya in SF this month ^^
Made these beauties a few times this month…
they are winners. Recipe soon!
Family gym date on a rainy weekend at Chase’s work,
followed by a healthy dinner. Gotta mix in some healthy days!
“Healthier” dessert: Banana Date Cashew Almond Milk shake, and more muffins ^^
My brother and his family visited my parents in South Africa
this month, and I had to share these darling pictures of my little
niece Maddie on safari. Can you stand the cuteness?!!
Rainy days call for matching bows, and more cookies ^^.
We were both quite proud of ourselves this month, as a little bit of sleep training took place. Since this was implemented, we’ve been back in routine and this is great news! She’s doing well now (had to screenshot her 10 hour stretch :)
But there were some hard nights watching her wake up and cry for a little!
Reagan’s real-life Italian godfather Joe, who buys her flamingo
pants and visits from Virginia :) We love you Sciarrinos!
Spontaneous 9 PM weeknight Thai dinner with the Hogans ^^
If you live in Mountain View you have to try Shana Thai off
Castro Street! Such a hidden gem, and our fave in the area.
The best dinner in Los Gatos for our favorite January birthday boy:
We love you, Dust!

Dish training runs with this fab foursome ^^
My friend started a new carseat cover company called Joonie,
and it was so nice to try out on a sprinkling rainy day since it’s
more of a waterproof fabric and fits tight to block wind — perfect!
So proud of cute Danielle for starting this and getting
her kickstarter completely funded! Go girl!

Best couples game night with this group — thanks Linds!
^^ Gift basket for our Rach before she moves :(
Fun seeing cute Paige & Steph while Paige was in town!

Getting even better at sleeping as the month ends! ^
…and, even better at eating :)
Flirting with her boyfriend Owen before he moves, and
reading up on our favorite baby travel books ^^
Baby girl showing she’s a Ute through and through,
and FaceTiming with her cute cousins Tagg & Lydi ^^
Each month is better and better as this little one changes.

Goodbye Jan, Hello Feb!


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