Girls night out to see RENT!

A much-needed girls night in the city included dinner at a tucked-away new
discovery, and a night at the theatre to see RENT for it’s 20th anniversary tour!
Chase was sweet to take the baby for 6 hours (one of the longest times I’ve
been away from her!) while Kendall and I headed up to the city on a rainy
night. We chose Chambers for dinner because I’d heard good things and it
was near Golden Gate Theatre, and it did not let us down. Sitting on the edge
of the Tenderloin, it’s not a place you’d just stumble upon…but the type of place
you have to know about. That makes it even more fun, and it’s one of the most
unique//intriguing spots I’ve dined in San Francisco! It’s unassuming and you
could easily miss it walking by, but when you go in it feels almost like a speakeasy
with the best vibe. The menu is simple but quality: I wanted to try practically everything!
There are small plates, bar-bites, and mains which gives plenty of options.
We tried a few small plates and split the halibut special, and it was perfect.
We loved every bite and made it in time to the show since it was walking
distance! (Though through the TL, ha). We also found out that Blake Lively
likes eating here when she visits SF…so that’s really all we need to know, right?! :)

Our three small-plates ^^ fried brussels with pine nuts, sizzling Kobe tri-tip, and…
Pancetta wrapped dates…the show stopper ^^ filled with goat
cheese, almond, and drizzled with a 
balsamic reduction.
Beautiful beet salad ^^

We loved our halibut main course on top of risotto ^^
Love this friend and our date together! ^^
From dinner it was off to:
Golden Gate Theatre for RENT! I hadn’t seen it in years, and Kendall
never had…so we were so excited. The cast is amazing here, and I had
the biggest chills as the second act opened with Seasons of Love. It’s
a rough story, but so powerful and some of my favorite music of any
show. I’ve been singing Light My Candle nonstop ever since :)
I always love a show at the Golden Gate ^^
Cheers to good food, good theatre, and a good friend.

Be sure to check out RENT before it ends next week, and Chambers too!


'Girls night out to see RENT!' has 3 comments

  1. February 12, 2017 @ 5:53 pm Rachel

    What a fun night out! I’ve never seen Rent on broadway! I’ll have to keep an eye out for it – hopefully there will be a stop in Tampa!


  2. February 13, 2017 @ 7:27 am Beth

    Adding yet another restaurant to the list thanks to you! If Serena and you both approve then it must be good :D


  3. February 13, 2017 @ 1:16 pm Kari

    I love Chambers! It’s always so sketchy trying to get there but fun once you’re in!


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