A rainy, pink day in the city

A rainy, pink day in the city

This weekend we drove into the city and found lots of rain, and lots
of pink! :) It was a fun way to begin February, and the sun did end
up breaking through after a few hours. We had some plans set to
do brunch at our friends’ house and have a baby play date, so we
didn’t let the rain stop us and we made a fun day of it after brunch!

Happy little city babe! ^^
Pretty city, even on a grey day ^^
We headed to North Beach, one of our favorite areas to stroll around and grab lunch.
Cutest little thing being carted around the city ^^
Her bonnet is from Briar, and I just ordered a few new
ones from with this cute Liberty of London fabric. Love!
This building was probably our favorite…how could it not be?!
After lots of strolling, we grabbed a late lunch right on Grant Ave
at Tamarind Hall Thai. It’s in the best location between Chinatown
and Little Italy, and it’s a new spot that opened in the fall. It’s much
more “street Thai food” than a typical Thai restaurant, so it was fun to
try something different. Highlights were the salmon curry (sounds odd,
but so delicious)…and the fresh coconut water with fresh coconut in it.

“Fresh rolls” were a rice paper appetizer filled with mangoes, tofu, greens, mint,
carrots, noodles and bean sprouts all served with amazing homemade peanut sauce.
^^ The famous whole young coconut drink. Normally coconut water 
doesn’t taste good to me, but I could have had 5 glasses of this ^^
It’s hard to go wrong with the yummy Tom Kha Gai coconut soup!
I loved all the shrimp in this one — It was pretty sweet and rich though!
Fried egg salad ^^ delectable and on the lighter side.
This guy had to take a few phone calls during our day for something
big he’s working on…so I let it slide :) I’m glad I can still get him to
spend all of Saturday with us even though he’s so busy with work.
Pad Thai wrapped in an omelette ^^ I had never had it like this!

Apparently it is commonly served this way on the street in Thailand.
We need to get there!! But for now, this will do :) ^^
And, that amazing grilled salmon “Choo Chee” curry.
Don’t miss it, it’s SO good.

We walked off our lunch in Little Italy after! ^^
We always stop into our favorite boutique, Lola ^^
It’s my favorite location of it and we always get something!

Always fun in the city with these two!
We have so many amazing memories living here together,
and I love that we live so close and can come often now!

Pretty blue-eyed baby in her car seat getting carted all around town ^^
See you again soon, SF!
(This week again for RENT musical, yay!)


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