Redwood City & Woodside

Redwood City & Woodside

No matter where you live, there’s always something you
haven’t seen, done, or fully experienced close by. Even after almost
4+ years in the Bay I still have the biggest list that is always being
added to. Nearby adventures are some of my very favorite…no
packing, more spontaneous, and if you love the place you can go
back often because it’s close to home! If you don’t, it’s no big deal
and at least you learned more about where you live. Hard to go wrong!
This weekend we decided to finally stop through Woodside and see
the famous Cañada Road bike path, hike in Wunderlich County Park,
and circle through Redwood City for lunch at the end. We really hadn’t
spent time in any of these places, so it was a good combo! Baby Rea’s
nap schedule caused us to spend less time hiking in Wunderlich, so
we’ll have to return for more of that because we liked what we saw!
Just 20 minutes from us and we were in this magical place,
with the most charming homes and barns everywhere. ^^
Scoping out Cañada Road, where we will need to come back with our bikes
for a ride with lunch at the darling deli afterwards! We also went the other
way along Mountain Home Road to see all those pretty barns and homes.
I want to come back and visit Filoli Gardens when it opens in the spring!
As we drove I loved seeing a street on my map called
“Why Worry Lane”…sums up the feel of this peaceful place!
From downtown Woodside we drove just a few minutes
to the trailhead at Wunderlich County Park…
This trailhead entry also has some gorgeous historic stables,
so you can’t miss it right off the road coming from Woodside.
 We only got a little ways along the path before baby
woke and needed to eat, so we’ll be back to hike more soon!
Onto Redwood City we went, just 15 minutes East of Woodside!
We’ve passed it probably hundreds of times going up
and down the 101, but never stopped off to see the downtown.
I love all of the towns dotting the Bay, and this was
another cute one! The best part was the lunch at CRU:
It’s a little bistro and wine bar we had heard amazing things about.

Although we don’t drink wine I’ve found that wine bars have some
of the best food ever…because the two go hand-in-hand! This
place was no exception, and we were so glad we tried it.
Charcuterie/cheese plate HEAVEN ^^
This place took us right back to our European life!
Light and simple arugula salad with burrata, always a winner ^^
Most delicious tapa style Tegamino, a delicious

combination of potato/egg/cheese/ & truffle. ^^
Their house pizzas are also good and very different,
made on a fluffy foccacia-like dough that they
over 72 hours. We loved the other dishes
more, but 
I’d recommend trying the vegetable
ricotta one if you’re in a pizza mood!
This blue-eyed lunch date is our favorite, but she is starting
to enter the phase that makes eating out a little trickier :)
No more sleeping in the carseat next to us…much more
grabbing at the food and water glasses! I guess it gives
me a chance to work on my reflexes — ha!

Leaving with a bottle of gold-foil wrapped olive oil is highly recommended ^^
^^ As is taking some apple tart and bread pudding to go!
We loved this reasonable, high-quality spot and we’ll be back
for a date night sans baby on the twinkle-light patio this Spring!
Another fun day in the Bay!