Reagan at 6 months

Reagan at 6 months

A HALF YEAR with baby girl!
It’s been our favorite month so far.
Reagan is so happy, smiley, giggley,
and completely knows what’s going on.
We’ve been home most of the month and
able to enjoy every second with her. We have
her back in a routine and she’s been thriving.
A few updates that have happened this month:

Dear 6-month old Reagan…

♥♥ You’ve been sitting up on your own this entire month and it’s so darling. You look so grown up sitting and playing like a big girl! You sit on your playmat, in the tub, everywhere!

♥♥ You became more clingy this month, and I secretly love it. You’ll still go to anyone, but definitely notice if mom or dad are in the room… and you love to be held. I know that will change so I’m soaking it up.

♥♥ You got sick for the first time this month…just a little cold after being in Salt Lake for the holidays and around lots of cousins, but you stayed happy and recovered quickly. I think it’s also when you became a little bit clingy :)

♥♥ You are such a music fan and it always captures your attention. You have a handful of random, specific songs that you love: Summer’s Gone by Aberfeldy, L.O.V.E. by Ashlee Simpson (hahaha I know) and all the Hamilton musical songs. Before actual bed we listen to “If There Was No You” by Brandi Carlile and it puts us both to sleep! These were all songs on my phone from my high school iTunes library, and for some reason you’re a fan of those ones. We laugh so hard about it!

♥♥ You dance the second any music comes on – a ringtone, a song, anything. You tap your toes and lift your hands in the air and if the music stops, you stop and look around until it starts again. We love blasting music at home and you know to look at the Google Home to play your music! 

♥♥ You know when things are funny and do the cutest knowing smiles/ laughs when we play around with you.

♥♥ You’re so coordinated and love to grab and hold every object in front of you. You can pick up all your toys and letters, reaching in all directions for them. I even saw you drop one and pin it against your side to catch it before it fell. I thought right then -who is this child? Good reflexes! :)

♥♥ You laugh and giggle and show so much happy emotion! You’re so much more expressive and that includes when you’re mad too…haha. You hit your hands against the crib or mat when you’re sad, which shows me you’re getting so much stronger!

♥♥ You’re sleeping well now that you’ve over the jet lag and back in routine. You’ll do 5ish hours when we first put you down, then sometimes need a quick feed before a 7 or 8 hour stretch! I think we’ll get you all the way through the night soon, but you’ve been so flexible for what we’ve put you through with the travel :)

I took 6-month pictures and had to put her cute little globe in
there to represent all the places she’s already been at 6 months old!
Cutest little babe playing with her favorite toys ^^
Love her bunny hat from Mimi for the chillier rainy days in the stroller ^^

^^ She loves her Dad and laughs at all the funny things he does :)
This diaper bum + cozied up girly is my favorite ^^

My little baking buddy ^^ It’s my favorite thing to do everything with her.
Always grabbing the toes ^^
This little one loves books, and looked especially darling
holding her book as though she was studiously reading :) ^^

^^ A fashionable 6-month old with plenty of bows :)Her 6-month check up, + lunch to feel better after those shots :(
Looking so grown up in her outfit from Amanda, and
waiting so sweetly to talk to grandma Linny on Facetime ^^
Little glimpses of this sweet face ^^
Always chewing on everything in sight ^^
So many smiles from this chick!
She’s been so cute at church, playing on the ground and sitting
on our laps…for about 2 of the hours. Hour 3 is not as pretty! :)

Little sweetie in her favorite place, the Joovy!She had some entertaining crib adventures in the middle of
the night when we were helping her get back on schedule and
not running to get her right away. I was laughing so hard because
it would be silent and I’d look on the Nest and she was rolling back
and forth, playing with the crib and her sound machine, and just
all over the place. She was thinking it was daytime and playing!
^^ She wakes up so happy and smiley now that she’s sleeping
longer through the night. Just look at the monitor pic on the left!

Those eyes are always looking up at me! ^^
Bath-time cutie pie ^^
She’s a big fan of her dad ^^
Love that cheesy smile ^^

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