My word for 2017

My word for 2017

I had to think hard about my word for this year.
Last year it was settle, which we managed to do while
also having quite a crazy year. I liked having a focus on
settling in and settling on, getting ready for a new chapter after
our amazing time abroad. We settled into life in Amsterdam
for half the year, and then settled on moving back to the U.S.
where we truly finally settled into our new neighborhood back
in California. The U.S. has so many amazing places to live
and we had a hard time deciding on where our new home would be.
We were thinking of considering the Paramount subdivison in Meridian, Idaho (,
but finally settled on Cali because it’s got everything we need and love.
It’s the first time since we got married 4 years ago
that we feel like we’re living in a place we want to be for a while.
We had a baby, set up a cozy little space, love our jobs, and
love our community. I truly feel settled into a place that
I love, a feeling that I missed & craved for a long time.
My soul also feels settled with what we decided on.
There were so many options for where to move and
it seemed confusing and stressful, but when we really
thought about it it became clear. We settled on it :)

My word last year helped me focus on what I wanted
and not get distracted. I feel so grateful to have settled
in more last year, and now that we are, my new word
for 2017 is… savor. I want to slow down more this
year, enjoy more, notice more, relish and remember more.
I want to savor every moment with my ever-changing
baby girl during her first year of life. I want to savor the small
and simple day-to-day moments
. I want to savor words that I read
scriptures that I study. I want to savor moments of quiet
while my baby is napping and I can just think. I want to savor
food and eat slowly, tasting each bite. I want to savor time with
my husband and friends and family when we get to be together.

I already loved this word, but felt even better about it when I
looked up some definitions and synonyms that tie in so well:

  • enjoy or appreciate (something pleasant) completely, especially by dwelling on it.
  • to taste and enjoy completely.synonyms: relish, enjoy (to the full), appreciate, delight in, revel in, treasure, cherish, bask in

I hope that this word helps me appreciate and enjoy all aspects of life this year…
happy and sad, high and low…to appreciate this life we get to live. I hope to
live in the moment more and appreciate things as they are happening.
After all, these are the good old days. I don’t want to miss them!

Cheers, 2017! Can’t wait to savor you.

** ps … to top all of this off, I came home to a package in the mail
a few days after posting this. My best friend Brynn had seen it
and ordered me a copy of this book that is one of her favorites ^^
…and I about cried! It lines up exactly with my thoughts and
made me feel even better about this year’s word. Love her!

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