December whirlwind

December whirlwind

Well, we ended the year with a bang.
An exhausting, around-the-world, crazy, sweet, busy bang.

It was such a busy December that we are still recovering from it —
— evidenced by the fact that I’m just now posting some photos from it!

I slept in my own bed for 3 nights of the month of December,
and we were on 3 different continents and in and out of 5
countries while visiting family and trekking across the globe
for Chase’s graduation. We ended the month in Utah with
family there, and in between all of it there were a few snippets
I want to remember. I loved our crazy December, but planning
on a much more relaxing and traditional one at home next year :)
Baby + my passports from the month…that is all one big trip! ^^
Simple little festive touches around our place for the few days we were home to enjoy them ^^

Although hectic, December was also a fun time to travel and
see the Christmas decs + cheer everywhere. This was in Madrid! ^^
Matching girls at our Chase T’s graduation! ^^ (Found here)
Best brunch this month at Salvation Cafe in Joburg!
Merry and bright, everywhere we looked ^^

And, our tiny Christmas angel ^^
A horse-drawn sleigh ride in Midway! ^^
Baby Reagan met so many friends this month between South
Africa and Utah visits. Here is her future bestie little Lettie! ^^
flying-around-the-world-with-baby9Fun to be back in Europe this month — it made me nostalgic for our
time there! I especially wanted the plane to make a quick stop in
Amsterdam so I could see some friends and take a quick walk through it :)
flying-around-the-world-with-baby8I flew Swiss Air through Zurich to Johannesburg because it had the
best route for the price, and ended up having the perks of Gruyère
cheese + Swiss chocolate served on every flight. Not too shabby!
Where baby spent a lot of the month = a plane bassinet ;)

flying-around-the-world-with-baby4A long airport layover in Zurich where baby and I took the train into town!
(Don’t mind that we look a little crazy after 14 hours of travel with 16 more to go ;)
flying-around-the-world-with-baby5Stopover in Switzerland included some quick shopping, and a
nighttime stroll to have dinner with our friends the Stitts who live there. 
flying-around-the-world-with-baby3^^ Her face when I told her we were only halfway through 30 hours of travel – haha!
And I love that the carseat tag in Zurich said “special delivery” … yes she is! ^^
 Chase and I stopped into Target to grab 2 items, and I looked down to see the
cutest little red striped Christmas outfit he had thrown in the cart for baby.
What a sweet dad. It got packed in her suitcase for a month of adventures! ^^
Burt’s Bees jammies from Mimi & Papa to match all of her cousins ^^
Reagan’s tiny tree for her room ^^
Traveling alone with the baby was not easy, but I do love the
memory of trekking the globe with her on my hip. That little hand
on her passport kills me, as does the sunset over the Alps we saw. ^^
baby-in-johannesburg16We ate well all month in South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, and
then home for the holidays were we indulged plenty over Christmas!
Proof of the indulgences ^^ red velvet cheesecake, and rooibos steamers! ^^
^^ Possibly the cutest Christmas cake on earth?
I couldn’t resist this tiny tree, or this cute ornament for Rea ^^
The best homemade granola that I’m ADDICTED to, and Chase’s
snap to me while I was in Africa…^^ haha living on all Trader’s food!
Cutest face as we called Chase for one of many video chats
while we were in Africa for a few weeks. Missed him!!
Proof of missing him ^^ we passed by his picture on the fridge one day
and Reagan reached out for it! Sweetest thing, missing her dad!
Cooking with rhubarb and fresh produce in the African summer with my mom! ^^
Baby shopping in Joburg ^^ They have the best baby boutiques ever.
This made me smile when it came on randomly on Spotify one day :)
Perfect song for this December!
Reuniting in Spain with Chase was the best. Loved his siesta snap of her :)
Love these little Euro ornaments I picked up this year!
Reagan is a snapchat pro, especially since I showed my dad how to use it in SA :)
The perfect gate for Reagan that we spotted in
my parent’s neighborhood in Johannesburg ^^
Cutest toy ever for baby Rea, and a darling shelf of chalk paint ^^
Prettiest of bakeries in Johannesburg ^^
Shopping outings in Spain, the other best place to shop for kids clothes!
A long stop through cold, snowy Canada on our way back ^^
Plane baby ^^ Just looking at these pictures again
makes me exhausted from that experience!
My main flight snacks this month were my Milkful bars to keep my
milk supply up with all of the travel, and these best-ever airport treats ^^
We came home to a stack of packages from being away, and
had a day to deliver friend/neighbor gifts before heading home.
I brought home so many bottles of our favorite chutney from South Africa
for friends and neighbors for Christmas! It was perfect to bring back!

I was gone for this, but our ward Christmas party was the prettiest! ^^
Reagan and I loved spending so much of December with these two! ^^
Greek feasting with friends ^^
Reagan and I soaked up every second with Papa Bear!
So done with planes for a while!!!!
SF Airport looked so festive all month! ^^
 Coming home from the whole month to lots of Christmas cards was the best ^^
We fit in a quick Dish run on our one day home before Christmas ^^ So green!
I love this face ^^
Final flight of the month, home from Christmas in SLC! ^^
Loved our (very crazy) month of December!
Here’s to a calmer January :)




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