What’s in My Suitcase?

What’s in My Suitcase?

I’ve been packing my suitcase a lot lately for so many different things:
Summer in Africa, winter in Switzerland, fancy events in Spain, and
Christmas in Salt Lake City. It will be a wild month and with the holidays
coming up right at the end of it, I wanted to share a few favorite items I’m
packing in my suitcase as we venture around the world this month!

MilkFul – These lactation oat bars are the number one thing in my suitcase these days now that I’m a nursing mama! I’ve wanted to be sure not to lose or lessen my milk supply through all of the busy travel we’ve had with baby, and these lactation bars have helped ease my stress about it. They have all the good milk boosting ingredients while still being healthy (even though lactation cookies are good, I can’t eat them every day haha :). I’ve loved having a stash of these as a snack that also keeps the milk flowing for baby girl. I wasn’t sure how much they really worked, but after having my first one I pumped twice as much so I’m a believer! Perfect for a natural boost when I need it.

Roolee – This is probably everyone in Utah’s favorite local boutique right now, and it’s online for all of us not in Utah!! I see their dresses everywhere on so many friends, and I can always guess where it’s from because they have the best eye and cutest collections for the most reasonable prices. You can find so many cute modest dresses, tops, etc. here. I had to share because it’s my new go-to! I recently got this gorgeous dress and wore it to start off the holidays! It got so many compliments and the best part was it was the comfiest dress I’ve ever worn!

BodyBark -This line of softest-ever shirts (made from Beech trees!) is not only in my suitcase, but ON me as I’m traveling! I have worn this top from there almost nonstop on every flight lately, and have never felt more comfortable. They are just basic, but so quality and I’ve loved mine.

Tobi – This is a site with some hidden gem items for amazing prices. I got this fun cardigan for our NYC trip and got lots of compliments on it, even though it’s a little bit different! I also couldn’t resist this basic striped grey top. I can never say no to stripes!

Penelope Olive – Another well-curated online shop with cute clothes for amazing prices. I want this dress next…and it’s $28!!

My friend sent me some cute links to workout clothes from StyleWe and I needed some new tops, so added this cute stretchy spandex top in the best color, and this black top to go over a sports bra!

Last but not least, probably my favorite recent find of all– SAIL TO SABLE! Cutest ever MATCHING clothes for moms and daughters…I can’t get enough! I got this matching baby dress and peacoat and we wore them to Chase’s business school graduation (see here). It was the best to be matching, especially when the clothes are so darling!

Those are some recent favorites — all online you’ll notice,
since I don’t have time right now to shop in person with
baby + all the travel! So these have saved me and filled
up my suitcase with some fun new items! xoxoxo