summer life lately: with baby!

summer life lately: with baby!

It is surreal to me that we’re living life as a little family of 3 now!
Pregnancy is a crazy thing because it lasts so long and has so much
anticipation involved with it. We looked so forward to settling down
back in the states and having a baby, but I couldn’t really imagine that
reality. Now it’s here and I pinch myself daily (more like hourly) that we
have a healthy & happy baby girl to call our own. Life was amazing before
her, but it’s another
level with her. As well as having our baby girl, who we love so much, we may also be looking into moving house. As we have a new editoin to the family, we feel like we need more room, which is understandable. Even though nothing is official just yet, we have already done some research into sites like, just so we can take a look at potential houses and the community we could be living in. Life’s constantly changing and that’s alright with us, now that we are family of 3. Of all the wonders we’ve seen, she is
definitely the best by far. We are both a little smitten by this little one!

Here are some snaps of our summer life lately with baby.
She has made everything so much more fun.

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetOne of our first little family outings when she was 8 days old! ^^
IMG_4417Another outing when she was 9 days old, thanks to my mom! ^^
We went with my mom and friends Kathryn + Kendall to a concert at
Mountain Winery in Saratoga. We saw the Piano Guys and it was such
a lovely night. I stayed up above on the terrace where it was quiet and
there were no crowds, and I nursed her and rocked her to sleep while
she listened to the pretty piano + cello music in the mountain air.
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
We’ll definitely be back for more concerts here… so beautiful.
IMG_4433^^ Tired but happy new parents getting dinner at the
Los Altos farmers market, our new Thursday night tradition.
reagan's first outings13The big yellow truck is my favorite with homemade quiche & pies & sweets.
It’s the exact type of food I’d make if I had a farmers market stand!
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
reagan's first outings14What’s better than a summertime market?
baby visitors2 copy
IMG_4275I loved this photo on my phone from our newborn photo shoot.
Meg was the sweetest ever even though Reagan was feisty that day!
summer life lately10Lots and lots of walks with this little one.
Teaching her young to stop and smell the roses! ^^
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset^^ Exploring every tiny town on the Peninsula is our new thing.
I want to eat at every restaurant on every main street of them all!
(This is downtown Saratoga, where I hadn’t been before that concert!)

reagan's first outings2Getting used to nursing in public (with a cover) has been interesting!
reagan's first outings11Froyo dates and lots of walks happening around here.
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset summer life lately21We love our little peanut, and our friend Kendall for still
hanging out with us even though we have a babe now!

reagan's first outings9That tiny (long) foot sticking out of the
stroller is my very favorite sight ^^

reagan's first outings7Los Gatos pool dates at the Knudsens, our favorite! ^^
IMG_8708Chase went back to work after 3 weeks (Google gives him 12 weeks of
paternity leave, but it can be spread across the first year … so he will
take more later), but he came home during lunch on his first Monday
back because he missed baby so much! What a softie ;) We ate and
watched some Olympics. We’ve missed him lots since he went back!
reagan's first outings17Baby Reagan also made it to Google to visit her dad at work!

IMG_8765We’ve had some sweet people bring meals over to us this month after
baby, and the nicest new friend delivered takeout from our absolute
favorite: Los Altos Grill. It was amazing, thanks cute Dawn! ^^

baby visitors2Another darling brunch spot in downtown Los Altos ^^
except that we really weren’t impressed the average food…
small portion sizes for the high prices. At least it’s cute!
IMG_4367Lots of time has been spent right here on the couch with this view
lately…just look at that sweet face snoozing in her daddy’s arms. ^^IMG_8524We have so many baby blankets, but my favorite of all are
definitely these jersey knit from Cozy’s. Compared to all
of the muslin, etc. these are just so soft, light, & stretchy.
I’m also a fan of the cutest colors & patterns ^^
IMG_8814The best part about this blanket ^^ Reagan can
match with the farmers market peach stand :)

IMG_8627New cute placemats from Target, because
we keep spilling on our nice ones, ha ^^

summer life lately31August blooms + pesto zucchini noodle pasta (recipe coming soon) ^^IMG_8679^^ Strolling Castro Street in downtown Mountain View
IMG_8715This month Chase’s best friend Sam is in Africa since he just
graduated law school, and he stopped through Johannesburg to
stay with my parents for a few nights! ^^ So fun to see them together.
Processed with VSCO with f2 presetTiny baby friends meeting, born just 2 weeks apart! ^^
We already love baby Chlo√© and it’s so nice to have a
good friend who is also a first-time mom going through
all the same things! Lunch with her was so nice to chat and
not feel as crazy :) We love Yennie! (Remember her, here?)
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset^^ Reagan meeting her sweet cousin Zachie over Facetime!
If this doesn’t melt your heart, I don’t know what will.
See you soon in Virginia, little Z!
summer life lately27Acai bowls + doughnuts…big believers in balance.
Processed with VSCO with f2 presetBaby’s first day at church! ^^ I loved taking her and
feel so grateful we have an amazing religion and ward to
bring her up in. It gives me some relief in this crazy world!
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset She has a pretty cute dad.
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset^^ Mom & daughter ready for a nap
after a successful first time at church!
Processed with VSCO with f2 presetPS at church I noticed my impressive flip flop tan line – ha, so bad!
This is what happens when you don’t wear regular shoes for a full month.
summer life lately copyWe are so happy that we moved 5 minutes away from
some of our best friends the Hammels ^^ We get to see
them all the time, and have started a weekly dinner of either
takeout, or a meal at one of our places. I keep trying to get them
to like kale, so I made my very favorite meal and force fed them ;)
summer life lately2Another night Tam made us her famous blackberry apple
pie with Gravenstein apples from Sebastopol, where she
grew up. It is the best ever. She let me post the recipe here,
but it really is meant to be made by her, with these apples.
PS notice the “R” design they did for Reagan’s first pie night!
summer life lately1One of our very favorite spots ^^ We go at least weekly!
summer life lately Farmers market purchases = almond butter + peaches!
summer life lately3Ha, my mom caught this picture of us walking through Los Altos
and it made me laugh..I can’t let the stroller be too far from me I guess!
summer life lately4R had her first bath time at home, complete with
being bundled up in a mini robe at the end ^^ cutest!
summer life lately5 copySweet daddy-daughter moments ^^ Sunday breakfast with Chase
chowing a sweet roll in his robe … and after-work naps together!
summer life lately6 copy^^ All DAY I snapchat ridiculous things to Chase
summer life lately7 copyI also made my dad get snapchat so he can get quick glimpses
of Reagan from South Africa…this was his response the other day! ^^
summer life lately24Also ^^ Chase’s cute responses when I snap him a million
pictures and
videos of Reagan :) I’m emidunnrigby on there!
summer life lately28^^ So cute how she was kind of holding the bottle.

Also so cute — her little travel themed luggage diapers! ^^
summer life lately7Colorful summer food at home continues ^^
summer life lately8 copyMUCH-needed pedicures with Brynn when she came in town!
summer life lately11 copyWe have an obsession with farmers markets. There are so many
different fun ones all around us, and it gives me a taste of Europe
where we would do all of our grocery shopping at the outdoor markets.
summer life lately16 copyHydrangeas + pink pearl apples … has anyone heard of these?

They are pink on the INSIDE! AKA the cutest apple ever. ^^
summer life lately12Discovered the cutest candy shop in all the land in Los Gatos ^^
summer life lately15…and, our favorite bakery Icing on the Cake! It’s dangerous.
If you’ve had their banana cake, you know what I mean.
I want (need) this darling runner from there! ^^

summer life lately14 copyI can’t stop getting things for Reagan’s golden nursery, and
I picked up some new dishes since I’ve broken a few lately… Oops!
summer life lately14So fun …yet dangerous… to have Smitten down the street.
They make it in front of you, & just look at those seasonal flavors!
summer life lately25Cobb salad from Rach, and palm tree views from our street ^^

summer life lately15 copyHomemade pineapple coconut popsicles + the tiniest little chick ^^
summer life lately16LG wandering and a new baby dress I couldn’t resist ^^
summer life lately18We dragged these two around the farmers market and I fell in love
with this “buttery” olive oil blend from a Green man’s stand. ^^
summer life lately20Butternut squash = end of summer in my mind.
Also, is mac & cheese healthy if I added kale? ;)

summer life lately19I cry over these pictures and I’m so glad we captured them!
summer life lately21 copySaturday morning walk + breakfast dates…
Everyone walking by would stop and say “Aww, how old?”
and Chase would reply “Oh I’m 28!” Such a jokester, that one.
summer life lately22 copyOne of our sweetest friends Becca (our old roomie) came
to town for law firm interviews and we got to meet up
and go for a walk. Reagan loved meeting her!!

summer life lately22My cutest cousin Jessie made my grandma Ginny’s famous peach
jam and SHIPPED to jars to me. I can’t get over it! It is the best
taste of childhood. Another favorite taste is this coconut noosa! ^^

summer life lately23 copyI love you, California!
summer life lately23 And again …
summer life lately24 copy^^ In-N-Out with friends, followed by Sprinkles!

summer life lately29^^ Angel baby … some of the time ;)
summer life lately33Love this little one & our new life with her!