Starbird Saturday

Starbird Saturday

Last weekend we got invited to try out a new spot in Sunnyvale:
It’s a new kind of “fast food,” and a new kind of fried chicken.
IMG_4427We stopped in on a Saturday morning for a little morning date
as the three of us. We got there right when the breakfast menu
was changing to the lunch, and both menus looked so good that
we couldn’t even decide. We had to order off both and loved it all.
IMG_4438First ^^ breakfast! We did the maple bacon breakfast taco (FAVE),
healthier daybreaker taco, breakfast burrito, & morning star sandwich.
IMG_4437Chase also threw in a side order of waffle sticks, because who can resist?
IMG_4435Everything tastes so wholesome and delectable. The portion sizes are
definitely smaller, which allows you to try multiple items at once!
Good thing the prices are really reasonable to match the portions :)
IMG_4431The food tastes so much more wholesome than typical fast food.
IMG_4434Bacon on a taco is a great idea.
IMG_4429^^ I was definitely third-wheeling it on this date, which I’m okay with ;)
IMG_4432We looked over the lunch menu and took two salads to go because it just looked
too good not to try. Chase had lots of homework for business school to do
later that day, so we just decided to take some food home to eat later!
IMG_4440Chinese chicken salad for Chase, and chicken chop for me.
I recommend mine — amazing! We also tried the Pollo Panchito
wrap and the grilled chicken Outsider sandwich. Yep, we were full!
starbird IMG_4441 IMG_4428 Starbird is definitely California’s version of fried chicken, and it’s done so right!

We’ll be back since it’s just a little down El Camino Real in Sunnyvale…
with plans to expand all throughout the Bay soon! Stay tuned!


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