Reagan’s newborn photos

Reagan’s newborn photos

Reagan’s newborn photos, taken exactly two weeks after her birth!
We actually fit them in the morning of my mom’s last day here in town
before she flew back to South Africa…so it was a special day to capture
this fleeting newborn phase. I first fell in love with the idea of newborn photography when I saw many of my friends getting in touch with a Los Angeles Newborn Photographer who specialized in taking photographs of their new tiny humans.
I remember looking at these photographs and thinking “wow”, I would love to have those special memories to look back on when I have my own children.
But it’s not just for me. It gives Reagan a special opportunity to look back on what she looked like at just a few weeks old. Not that many people get that luxury, so I really wanted this for her. And after hearing what everyone else has said about newborn photography, I think we made the right decision.
We spent a lot of time looking for a
photographer and eventually picked a birth photographer Lynchburg.
We both liked their work after seeing
her photos on instagram and falling in love with her style. She
captured my ideal photos and mostly was so darling + patient + helpful
during the shoot. I was stressed about the baby being fed and all ready for
photos and Meg could not have been more understanding. She gave me time
to nurse in between, soothed our crying babe, and came prepared with all of
the sweetest swaddles and props to make the pictures simple and beautiful.
If you knew how feisty little baby girl was being the morning of this shoot,
you’d be even more impressed with these amazing photos Meg was able to
capture. We will cherish these forever, and I’m so happy my mom was still
here to be in a few! (Let’s just not talk about the goodbye that came later…)
0150_Raegan0048_Raegan0087_Raegan0002_Raegan0113_Raegannewborn photo shoot0053_Raegan0096_Raegan0153_Raegan0008_Raegan0157_Raegan0059_Raegan 0152_Raegan0071_Raegan 0148_Raegan0070_Raegan0092_Raegan0068_Raegan0090_Raegan0063_Raegan0088_Raegan0062_Raegan 0147_Raegan 0145_Raegan 0135_Raegan

0146_Raegan 0129_Raegan 0122_Raegan 0112_Raegan 0107_Raegan0143_Raegan 0105_Raegan 0077_Raegan0156_Raegan0154_Raegan 0058_Raegan0161_RaeganI keep staring at these photos in disbelief that this little girl is ours.
We feel like the luckiest to be blessed with her, and she has already
made our life so much better, sleepier, crazier, and happier.

IMG_4277Thank you Meg for capturing our favorite photos ever!

? xo ?

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