Baby’s Nursery!

Baby’s Nursery!

This new apartment might already be our favorite place that we’ve lived, the only thing that would make it better is incorporating some of the jazzy signs that can be found from places like Neon Mama to spice things up a bit. I can see it now! But that’s definitely one to think about for the future as we’re going to be too busy trying to get the nursery ready for our little one to live with us here! I’ve never been more excited to decorate a room and get it ready. Even though there was quite a bit to get done, like finding a safe crib mattresses, painting the walls, building the cott and more, all this has finally made it feel like we’re
getting close and really adding someone to our family! It’s the best thought ever.
Walking by the nursery makes me smile every time, and has made it feel like home.
I never had big ideas for a fancy nursery with a specific theme, but I’m surprised at how
fun it’s been to pull together in our own style. I decided on white furniture + paint with
gold and light pink accents + really simple decorations. Of course the subtle theme in here
is travel with some globes, maps, and children’s books from all around the world. I think it
has turned out perfect for our golden girl who has already been all over with us in my belly!
(PS this cute banner on the door above was made by Kendall our sweetest friend! ^^ :)
IMG_3705There are still a few final touches to be made, but I wanted to share some photos before she’s
born. This nursery has also been the best distraction in these final days and weeks before baby.
IMG_3596First, the crib! We looked at so many, and decided on this DaVinci Jayden
from buybuy BABY which we partnered with to get a lot of our baby items!
We did so much research and I ended up picking this crib because
it was in a more reasonable price range with great reviews and it later
converts to a toddler / day bed so we can also use it in the future! We
put everything in the same shipping order and choose this Colgate
crib mattress,
pink crib sheets by Burt’s Bees Baby (cutest baby line!)
and bow wall decals by Urban Walls…possibly my favorite touch!

IMG_3608 Funny story about the crib…we loaded it in the room and I was so excited to
set it up together. I was thinking how it is such a rite of passage to do together as
a couple, and so excited about it. Well I was out one Saturday afternoon and came
home to see the crib almost basically set up! Chase thought he had done a cute
surprise, but I was a little sad I had missed it. He felt so bad and I told him just
to leave it, but I came back in to see that he had taken it completely apart so that
I could be there while he put it together again. Haha, such a sweet move and a
cute story that shows what a good guy he is…and how I’m a little crazy being pregnant :)

IMG_3783 IMG_3694IMG_3719This Pottery Barn rocker was my splurge and I’m in love.
It was a little discounted and so worth it to me! ^^
IMG_3696Sweet little blessing dress from Chase’s mom hanging up ^^
IMG_3715Our Ubbi diaper caddy filled up with sweet little Honest Co. diapers ^^
(Maybe that darling strawberry print will make it easier to change diapers? ;)

nursery5Truly I don’t know the last time I changed a diaper (not my forté :) but I
am about to make up for it! Glad I’m at least prepared with cute products, ha!
IMG_3716IMG_3713^^ Little Amsterdam clogs + a Scandinavian backpack for our Dutch baby!
Darling print is by our friend Liz at Henry Layne Co. on Etsy. I’m in love.
IMG_3700 IMG_3702 IMG_3717 I’m already becoming a sucker for sentimental things like these cute
Pearhead keepsakes for hand + footprints! I can’t wait to fill these in ^^
IMG_3711My friend Amber happened to give me the perfect mobile to match our nursery,

without even meaning to! I had been searching Etsy for gold polka dot mobiles
with no luck –– and she gave me this! It ended up being perfect for the room. ^^
IMG_3720My nearest & dearest friend Brynn made all of these prints for my
shower in Utah, and I’m so glad I can use them in the nursery ^^

IMG_3721 nursery11 IMG_3747Processed with VSCO with f2 presetHer drawers full of clothes are quite possibly the cutest thing ever.
I pulled them open to show Chase and we honestly both went “awww….” haha!
She already has so many clothes– and a better wardrobe than me :)
She also has nicer laundry detergent- haha! Check out if
you want the best for your baby! I also stocked up on Babyganics laundry
supplies to be sure I washed things the right way…and while doing so I had to
stock up on so many other items because they are so great! I’ve only washed
brand new tiny newborn outfits and blankets, and waiting to wash other
things until she’s bigger and will wear them…any tips on this?

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetThe world’s CUTEST alphabet blocks made by my cutest SF friend Jessie!
These ModernBlocks are going to be my new baby gift for everyone.
IMG_3774My Babyganics STASH! All of these items are at buybuy BABY or online ^^

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetBoth in Europe and here, I have heard from everyone that I had to get the
NoseFrida and FridaBaby items. I had to listen and, got their bundle!
IMG_6761^^ The first baby item we got, from my mom when we were in South Africa
and had just found out // told my parents! This was before we knew the
gender and so my mom had me pick it out. I love it and the memory with it!Processed with VSCO with f2 presetSome of her shoes ^^ Can’t handle this drawer!
IMG_3770I took this one night after Chase installed bookshelves so it’s a
little dark, but this darling print on the left is again by my friend
Liz at Henry Layne Co. on Etsy. It’s the sweetest shop and I
have lots of her designs in our place which I’ll share soon!!
The cute pink passport print was a shower invite made
again by my friend Brynn, and it just fits so well in there!
IMG_3769I am in love with these books and love that the collection is growing
so eventually she can have them all! Lots of these were on my registry and I
love that friends got me such personal ones, like Ashley getting the Paris book
and the Hammels giving us Ireland and Greece from memories together!

nursery1We definitely are counting the days, and I’m filling them by writing in her baby book!
Chase’s mom gave us this sweet baby book from Anthro, and I also love my Promptly!

nursery12^^ The amount of time Chase has spent in here perfecting things /
setting up has been darling to see. He’s already such a sweet dad.

I’m sure you’ll be seeing lots more of this room on the blog and there
are still a few final touches coming, but just wanted to share! We’ve been doing quite a lot of decorating around the house at the minute so we’re both really busy. My next project is my bedroom. One of my friends recommended that I check out peel and stick wallpaper – Simple Shapes since I told her my bedroom needed re-decorating. I think wallpaper looks beautiful and I’ve already picked out the paper that I want. I think I might have to wait until the nursey is finished though! We’ve got so much to do!
Can’t wait until this room is occupied…any day now! :)

**Thank you buybuy BABY for making the process of putting together the
nursery and getting all of the right items such a cinch! We partnered with
them for the nursery as well since they also own Bed Bath & Beyond, and
we were able to choose some of our own items for baby. I love that they
have everything from stroller experts to baby bedding experts in store,
and I’ve spent a good amount of time in there learning how exactly to
attach our carseat to our stroller, etc. :) Every single item we ordered

shipped to us with zero problem, and it was all returnable so I didn’t feel
as much of the insane pressure to get everything exactly perfect. It’s so
overwhelming to gather everything for a first baby, but also so fun!