A due date date!

A due date date!

Our due date passed this weekend with no baby …
(well, one of our three due dates, since we were given 3
in different countries while pregnant! ;) but we did get my mom
here which I am so happy about! The night before she flew in from
South Africa, Chase and I had a doctor’s appointment at Stanford
and then stopped into one of our SF favorites for a “due date DATE!”
People in the restaurant kept asking when we were due, and it was so
funny to see their eyes widen when we said …”umm, today!”
We went to Pizzeria Delfina which was a favorite from when we
lived up in San Francisco – so we’re happy there’s a Palo Alto location.

IMG_3828This location is right off University Avenue in Palo Alto.
We don’t miss living right in SF as much when a lot of
the best restaurants now have locations down here too!

due date date1Not our best pic (haven’t been sleeping very well this last stretch)
but we had to document our date night on the due date! ^^
IMG_3830We started off with the little gem salad — filled with avocado,
pistachios, and that amazing Green Goddess dressing.
IMG_3831 Then, the main event ^^
Such heart eyes for this authentic style
Margherita (for me) and Salsiccia (for him!)

IMG_3833Chase loved this one with spicy sausage, but I can never stray from the classic Marg:
IMG_3835 IMG_3838Gelato at the end made the night complete!
Gianduja (hazelnut) & vanilla bean, thank you very much. ^^

Thanks Delfina for coming a little bit South so we can get you even easier and
close to home! Thank you also for helping us celebrate our due date (and
distract us from the fact that baby isn’t here yet… cannot even WAIT to meet her!)