Sleeping in our own bed

Sleeping in our own bed

You know how one of the best parts of a trip is coming home to sleep in your own bed?
Well… that is a luxury we have not had for pretty much a full YEAR being on the road and hotel hopping.
Even since being back in the States we’ve stayed with family and friends until our place has been ready,
but as of last weekend — drumroll — we FINALLY have a bed to call our own again. And it feels SO good. After looking at all the amazing reviews on Mattress Battle, we sold our old mattress, and bed in fact, before moving to Europe, so that we could start creating the perfect sleep experience from scratch when we got back.
bedroomKnowing we’d finally be sleeping back “in our own bed,” we decided to make it the best this time around!
We partnered with Bed Bath & Beyond (a place we love ever since my wedding ring was FOUND there :)
to set up the basics of our new bedroom and get it ready in time. I love that they ship free because we have
been in limbo the past month and so we could wait and get things shipped right to us when we were ready!
Processed with VSCO with f2 presetI knew I wanted a great mattress, pillows, and all of the right sheets/protectors etc. Especially with a baby
on the way, our sleep is as important as ever and I wanted our bed to be just right! We spent a long time looking at Headboards, bed frames, mattresses, and pillows! After lots of research we
decided on everything. First we picked the mattress: the Sealy Posturepedic Memory Foam. I wanted memory
foam and heard from Bed Bath that this is a customer favorite. Even better, it’s one of the new “bed-in-a-box”
mattresses which somehow rolls up into a box and can ship that way. This was so nice while we had it in storage
waiting to move in. Once we opened it up it took a day or two to spring up fully, and we absolutely love it. It’s firm
with just the right amount of memory foam. It was also really reasonably priced compared to others in the thousands. We’ve also been thinking about looking for a mattress topper that can help improve our quality of sleep even more if that’s possible, as the memory foam mattress has done a decent job so far. A memory foam mattress topper can help spruce up your bed and allow for even greater comfort during any relaxation or sleep time. This is something that we’ll definitely have to look into further, but until then, we’re just going to enjoy our new mattress.

Next: pillows! I am a sucker for 2 down pillows, double stacked. It’s the perfect combo for me and I missed
my down pillows the past year sleeping on different ones each night! We went for the Damask Stripe Down
and my head is so happy to hit the pillow each night :) Also, how pretty are they with those stripes?
Processed with VSCO with f2 presetOnce I had the mattress and pillows chosen, I went for all of the trimmings. Again – after sleeping in hotels
and Airbnbs and being afraid of bed bugs all of the time, I wanted our own bed to feel clean and protected.
I got a Serta Waterproof Mattress Protector to fit over our new mattress and keep it clean (also helpful with
a little one about to join the party!) On top of that I got 4 pillow protectors: the Dr. Maas brand. I feel like
this gives away some of my OCD cleanliness tendencies, haha but I am so happy about these protectors
because now everything just feels so nice and clean…my dream! We added a cute headboard from
Downeast, and kept it simple with a frame and bed skirt to save room in our bedroom. I love it! A friend of mine told me about other bed companies, like Leesa but we haven’t tried them yet.

41c2I1uWH7L._SY355_Last but not least –> the SHEETS. We didn’t get new ones since we had some in storage from before,
but then I heard about the bamboo kind from Cariloha and could not resist. Some friends mentioned
them to us in Europe and raved about them. We decided on them and truly, I’ve never felt softer, more
breathable or luxurious sheets. I am in love with them! I’m definitely not a sheet snob, but now I might be.
They feel like butter when you slip into them at night. We actually have a few friends who work at Cariloha
since it started in Utah, but I had no idea about it until now…and now I tell everyone! I am the biggest fan.

Sorry for all of the info about our new bed, but we are so happy with it and I had to share in case anyone else
is on the hunt for one or any of these items. I can never buy things without a good recommendation, and these
all have our seal of approval. As always, we are sharing things we really love and would be getting either way!
IMG_3586^^ This is bad lighting because I took it at midnight the first night we set it up on move-in day,
but I love our headboard (from Downeast) and we have a new bedspread on the way so I’ll
take some better pictures of the bedroom once it’s done and share our entire place!

Here’s to our OWN bed feeling nicer than any luxurious hotel bed ever could. I’m soaking up these great nights
of sleep now before a little one is waking us up at all hours :) But we’ll have a comfy place to go back to.
Happy sleeping! zzzzzzzz