LYFE Kitchen, Palo Alto

LYFE Kitchen, Palo Alto

Man have we missed our healthy Bay Area food!
After a year living in the land of cheese & bread & crepes
(not complaining), we have been so ready to move back to
the land of kale & quinoa :) The Bay has so much great food,
and to us true “California” cuisine is exactly what they have at
LYFE Kitchen – one of our new favorite spots in Palo Alto! We’re
excited to be back among healthy options and get to know our new
area better. I’ll still be sharing new places in SF and all over the Bay,
but a Peninsula dining guide is also in the works since it’s our new area!
This healthy & casual eatery is right in Palo Alto as well as Cupertino, with
locations that have spread across different states since the original opened in PA.
We had heard great things and finally got in to try it after a doctor appointment for
the baby the other day. It is right by the hospital where we’ll be delivering, so I’m glad
there is a delicious + healthy place right down the street to look forward to after delivery :)
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We came here  after a long day of appointments & a birth class, so we were hungry!
We started with the sweet corn chowder which is all vegan but so creamy because
it’s made cashew cream and coconut oil. It was so good even on a warm day!
Then we had that yummy green smoothie up there ^^ which I was obsessed with.

It’s made up of kale, ginger, banana, cucumber, apple & lemon juice. Just my type!
IMG_3569The “Farmer’s Market” salad: arugula, blackberries, house-pickled red onions,
spiced pecans, goat cheese, and balsamic vinaigrette. Perfect for summer.
IMG_3572BBQ chicken flatbread was amazing! Definitely try at least one of the
freshly-made flatbreads. This one reminded us of our favorite CPK!
It has grilled chicken, sweet corn, caramelized onion, cilantro, smoky
BBQ sauce and
mozzarella cheese. It’s thin enough that it still feels light.
IMG_3578Definitely the standout meal ^^ Art’s Unfried Chicken!
This is one of the signature items here, and for good reason.
It looks and tastes delicious like fried chicken, but it’s baked.
It’s so flavorful and comes with all of my favorite sides: roasted
brussels sprouts, butternut squash, dried cranberries, & cashew cream.
IMG_3576The other standout was the garlic parmesan sweet potato fries.
These are a MUST-order. I’ve never had this combo of garlic on
sweet potato fries and with the chipotle aioli they were unreal.
IMG_3567The Quinoa Crunch Bowl ^^ (Yes, we took a lot of this home as leftovers ;)
This healthy bowl is packed with quinoa, fresh crunchy vegetables, avocado, arugula,
edamame hummus, chipotle vinaigrette, & fireman’s hot sauce. It’s spicy and delicious!IMG_3574You can always cool down with a fresh cucumber juice filled with mint, lime & agave.IMG_3581And another cool-down with the budino desserts ^^ banana coconut and chocolate pomegranate!
LYFE kitchen1The best part is that every one of these dishes was under $10, except for the bigger
chicken meal which was $14. Reasonable AND healthy = sign me up to eat here often!
IMG_3563 We’re lucky to live close by this place and we’ll be here often!

Lucky people can find other LYFE Kitchen locations in Chicago, Memphis, Plano,
Irvine, Vegas, Colorado, and LA 
along with these two NorCal locations.


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