June Life Lately

June Life Lately

2 days left in June, which means 2 days until the month of baby’s birth..wow!
I can’t believe we’ve made it here. I’m relieved to have gotten through June and
survived moving back to California, buying all new furniture and setting up our
place, getting baby’s room ready, and settling back into life just in time for it to
change again…in the best way possible. I’m mostly relieved I didn’t go into early
labor between the stress, heat, and moving! Although, I wouldn’t be surprised if the California traffic and driving conditions make me go into early labor, as there are some dangerous drivers around. I have every right to tell them to think about attending a california online traffic school to get them back up to speed (pardon the pun) with road safety as most of them definitely need it. I wasn’t going to let this stress affect me though. June will always be memorable soaking
up these last weeks as just the two of us. It’s been full of moving, unpacking, errands,
spending SO much for our house and baby, going on long walks, preparing, nesting,
EATING…(aka my baby bump stretching even more), date nights, going out with
friends, reuniting with SF, exploring our new neighborhood, celebrating our 4th
, biking, hiking and being outside, settling into new jobs, and now just
counting the days//weeks until baby girl is in our arms and our home sweet home!
A few highlights & iphone pictures below that have made up the little moments of June..

june life lately^^ Summery lemon-shrimp-asparagus pasta is still a favorite.
Processed with VSCO with f2 presetI’ve only read one baby book through this pregnancy (it was this one that we LOVED)..

but my friend Tara convinced me to read Babywise too…so I’m trying to get through it!
june life lately6^^ More prettiness. Lucky to live where palm trees grow!
Processed with VSCO with f2 presetI also made these veggie tacos recently…a new favorite ^^
Processed with VSCO with f2 presetI was skimming through this book at my friend’s house and loved this
chart of produce by season…I want to stock up on all of the summer ones!
Processed with VSCO with f2 presetSO many doctor’s appointments since I was a new patient and
they basically have wanted to re-do every test/ultrasound/screening
even though we had them all in Europe…I’m grateful for how thorough
and caring our doctors at Stanford have been, and feel so good about
delivering here! (Though I’m starting to get prettttty nervous about birth).
Chase took this picture to send my parents because they are 10,000 miles
away but want to be part of every detail and update. Love them and can’t wait
to get my mom here in just 2.5 weeks! Hope baby stays in until that date!
june life lately1Stanford is so impressive and offers so many classes/orientations
for parents-to-be. We’ve had carseat installation classes, orientations,
birth center tours, and more. Chase was distracted when they took his
security photo and now they print it every time…haha it makes me laugh! ^^
Processed with VSCO with f2 presetRose garden strolling ^^ (Look at the cool design I made on Strava app with my walk :)
june life lately4I wake up SO hungry being pregnant, so I’ve been having overnight oats
waiting ready in the fridge ^^ and also making avocado egg toast. #2breakfasts ;)
Processed with VSCO with f2 presetWe went antique shopping with our bestie Kendall and I came back to
find these two sitting under the vintage hair salon chairs…such weirdos :)

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset^^ I think this tweet sums up the election nominees pretty well – haha. So
curious // full of dread to watch the general election unfold these next months…

june life lately2Getting to know downtown Mountain View by eating our way through Castro Street ^^
(Thanks for the rec, Hammels :) My very favorite is downtown Los Altos though!
june life lately3World Market goodies ^^ Why are there so many good finds there?
I can’t stop spending money on things for our house :) It’s funny that I spend
more money now that we’re home than I ever did traveling- ha! Maybe that
will convince Chase to keep us traveling often since I’m more frugal on the road?

june life lately7At the beginning of this month we had a darling baby shower with Bay Area friends
then Chase’s team at Google threw him a surprise baby celebration during a meeting
one day, and some new church friends are throwing a little gathering. So amazed at
the celebrations we’ve had and the love we’ve felt before this big upcoming step Unfortunately not everyone could make it though. One of our friends was in a car accident in LA. They’re fine now, and thankfully a Los Angeles auto accident attorney helped them get the compensation they were entitled to. Still it was a bit of a shock! Everything’s ok now though!

june life lately8Found a new favorite – Manresa Bread. It’s a little spin-off of the famous
Manresa Restaurant, and gives me my European bread fix. YUM.
june life lately16Run to Los Gatos or Los Altos for this goodness!
june life lately9Me + bump have gone on lots of hikes, but it’s getting a little too hot these days ^^
june life lately10The cutest bakery // flower shop combo in Willow Glen where our friends live ^^
How cute is that idea and how perfect is the name for it?

june life lately11Food that has hit the spot ^^ The “Chris Combo” at La Villa, and these choc. stroopwafels!
june life lately12Back at Lyfe Kitchen and pretty Palo Alto ^^
june life lately13One of my very best friends got married this month and I had to MISS IT!
I am so sad about it, but I didn’t get cleared to fly since I’m just 2 weeks out
from due date…and we realized it wouldn’t be smart to risk anything after
flying all over the world this pregnancy and now finally being settled… don’t
want to
overdo it. So happy for Ash and Ty though, and love them so so much!
june life lately14^^ You know you’re back to real life when you’re at the DMV :)
I took a nice long hike in Los Gatos after to de-stress!

june life lately15Even though we are back to having a car, at least it’s cool and a plug-in!
We love driving it around on electric mode but it also uses gas when needed.

june life lately17Breakfast tacos + pool days in Los Gatos are making for good summer days!Processed with VSCO with f2 presetIt seemed only fitting to take a bump pic with this parking lot marking ^^Processed with VSCO with f2 presetWe’ve been eating out a lot since soon we won’t be able to as much, but there’s
nothing like a good simple meal at home. Baked chicken breasts + roasted brussels.
PS- still eating on our coffee table, but just ordered a breakfast nook I am so excited about!
Processed with VSCO with f2 presetI’m finding the cutest spots right around us on my long walks, and so happy
about this sweet little German place! They have schnitzel and kaesespaetzle
and lots of yummy German pastries. We’ll get our Europe food fix here :)
Processed with VSCO with f2 presetAnother cute spot next door that I can’t wait to try out ^^Processed with VSCO with f2 presetI love love LOVE having our dishes back! We tried out Sunbasket meal delivery and the
meals were delicious. We may need to use this lots in the coming months after baby.
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Processed with VSCO with f2 presetThe other day I passed this place and had the biggest flashback –– La Salsa
is just a Mexican chain, but it used to be right on the way home by my house
growing up, and my dad and I LOVED it. We stopped after tennis and ate it
all the time! It left Salt Lake, but I guess still exists in some places…including
our new neighborhood here in Mountain View! Obviously we had to go try it
out and see if it was still just as good :) And it took me down memory lane!
It’s just fresh-Mex like Rubio’s or Baja Fresh, but cheap and fresh and good.
Thanks Tom & Tam for putting up with my pregnancy dining requests and
meeting us here- haha! Such good friends and we’re so glad to be living by them.
Processed with VSCO with f2 presetFajita Quesadilla + California Grande Burrito for the win ^^
june life lately10
Processed with VSCO with f2 presetWe met our good friend (and Chase’s old manager) for lunch at
Facebook headquarters where she now works! I had never been,
and it truly felt like Disneyland. I wish we got a picture with Lili!
june life lately18We had a fun night out in Oakland with good friends
doing a burger tasting at Umami ^^ (still full from it,
and another reason the baby bump is growing ;)
That same day we also did Lake Anza, Berkeley, a
Warehouse Sale on the Alameda, and the temple!
This month I got a new bike and I’m a little in love!!
I’m mostly excited to get a baby seat and ride
around with our little one once she’s old enough.

june life lately1The best kind of delivery ever – edible cookie dough!
After seeing it on Shark Tank we HAD to try it…it is definitely
heavy, but so so delicious. Especially with brownie brittle on top!
june life lately2Speaking of sweet treats…my fruity cravings continue, both on the healthy
side ^^ (pressed ruby juice) … and the not-so-healthy ^^ watermelon gummies.

june life lately3Unpacking dishes + filling out baby books ^^
june life lately6We had our good friends Amanda & Landon out here to visit…fun to show them Google!
june life lately4Love this friend! ^^

june life lately8I went to our carseat safety class and honestly learned so much about
installing the base safely, buckling baby up the right way, and so many
details that a lot of people do wrong. I am so glad I went to it!
I also got Chase this book for Father’s Day which is actually hilarious
and full of useful and funny tips. It’s such a good gift for dads to be. ^^

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetSpeaking of Father’s Day –– we didn’t get to be with either of our dads,
but we Facetimed them and sent gifts! We have the greatest fathers
and examples all around us. I can’t wait for Chase to become one.

june life lately11My mom sent us this cute picture of my dad on Father’s Day juicing
some carrot orange ginger juice. We also got him the most perfect
shirt ever for a gift…you’ll get it if you know this crazy story!

june life lately12This combo on the left is a FAVORITE from Traders… get these quinoa black bean
chips and pair with Cowboy Caviar. Thank us later :) Also, I remembered how good
roasted onions are with roasted sweet potatoes. They kick up the flavor so much!

june life lately13Beachy California days! I’m glad I won’t be hot & pregnant the entire summer long..
june life lately14Hiking views ^^
june life lately16I’m usually not wayyy into ice cream (I mostly like it with other desserts
like a brownie or pie)…but being pregnant and SO hot this summer, I’ve become
a definite ice cream lover right now. It helps that we have a Smitten down the street!
(I also tried Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Dough flavor from Ben & Jerry’s and it wins everything)

june life lately17Feeding that baby belly with all sorts of good things, pancakes included! ^^
june life lately20 ^^ Fanciest braid I’ll ever know how to do in my hair – haha!
Also, I got to teach a lesson at church in our new ward ^^
We love it there and feel so connected already.

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetThe invite for the surprise shower Chase’s amazing coworkers threw him…very sweet ^^

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset99% of his free time has been setting up our new place, and the majority of
that has been focused on the nursery. He has been so cute getting it all ready!
Our own bedroom is still a mess, but we the nursery is just too cute and we can’t stop.
june life lately2See what I mean? ^^ Sweetest sight.
Processed with VSCO with f2 presetYou know you live in Silicon Valley when Google’s self-driving cars
are literally ALL around our neighborhood all of the time.
Processed with VSCO with f2 presetWe’ve found ourselves at Home Depot a few times getting things for our
apartment, and every time I end up on the lumber aisle because it smells
SO so good! Am I the only one who thinks that? I could stand there for hours.
(I am really weird and love random smells like new books, paper, cedar, etc…)
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset^^ Sneak peek of our little place coming together!june life latelyPalo Alto farmer’s market ^^ We’ll be here often.
june life lately1One of my favorite little spots from back East is in Palo Alto!
I basically lived off Sweetgreen while interning in DC, and
we love going in NYC too…so I’m happy that it’s here!june life lately3It feels like summer with our first official BBQ of summer with friends,
and a Friday night taco truck date. Can you tell FOOD is on the brain? :)

june life lately4The yummiest protein shake, and our favorite cookies ^^
june life lately11Evening walks to get cherries, + beet hummus from Traders ^^ I love summertime.
june life lately5^^ The only reward for surviving our 5th Ikea run // and Chase’s
choice for a post-tennis treat was this Diet Coke Cherry Slurpee :)
june life lately8We lunched with these cute friends who are due the same week as us!!
You might remember Yennie from when we stayed at her family’s farm
in Sweden last summer…most amazing memory and we adore them!
june life lately9Some avo toast before the gym, where the new stairclimber became my
favorite machine with these world landmarks you can “climb.” So cool! ^^Processed with VSCO with f2 presetPB chocolate muffins for after all of that climbing ^^
I topped a few with PB&Co’s new hazlenut spread and it was delish.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

We had our first slumber party guest at our apartment!
Our bff Kendall stayed over when her husband was out of town,
and it was a test run for my mom’s visit soon! Our air mattress fit
perfectly in the front room, so hopefully my mom won’t mind sleeping
on it for a few weeks :) We could really do with getting a proper mattress, as it’s not good for my mom to be sleeping on an air mattress every time she comes – especially as she is used to sleeping on the best split king adjustable bed, which she has at home. She spent a long time picking her bed and she is very fond of it, so I feel bad making her sleep on a mattress on the floor. Then again, there’s not much choice! I’ve been looking at Simba Mattresses and I think I’ve found one that would fit in our spare room. I’ll see how she gets on with this air mattress but I think we’ll definitely have to invest in a proper mattress for her. We can’t wait to get her here in just 2 more weeks!!
june life lately6I can’t stay away from Los Gatos and the amazing trail + town!
It helps that our great friends live there so it’s an excuse to see them and hike.

What a memorable June leading up to our D-Day.
We’ll be here enjoying these next few weeks (days?) before life changes a lot!