East Bay Day

East Bay Day

We’re filling up our last baby-less weekends with some fun around the Bay.
Last weekend I wanted to make it to a Pottery Barn/ Williams Sonoma
Warehouse Sale happening on the Alameda, so I decided why not plan
a day around it in the East Bay! We headed up early to shop for some
furniture and last apartment needs at the warehouse event, and then
headed on a day of adventure. We filled the day with brunch in Berkeley,
relaxing at Lake Anza, and a session at the Oakland temple before strolling
Lake Merritt and meeting friends for dinner right downtown at Umami Burger.
Processed with VSCO with f2 presetIt was the absolute prettiest of days! It’s always a little bit cooler up north which was nice.
IMG_3623Processed with VSCO with f2 presetDream Warehouse Sale with all of the best items … I had to reign myself in!
june life lately1^^ Just one version of heaven to me. Rows upon rows of Restoration / PB couches!
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset^^ How darling is this Pottery Barn Kids mini vanity? We need this for our girl when she is older :)
june life lately
Processed with VSCO with f2 presetEast Bay day!Lake Merritt in its darling strung-light glory ^^
Processed with VSCO with f2 presetIMG_3640After a full & fun day we met some of our favorites at Umami Burger.
This place is all over and I’ve heard the best things, but somehow had
never tried it until now! Chase had been and I was excited to experience it.
We set up a tasting menu with our friends Joe & Becca and came hungry.
IMG_3646Good thing, because we had 9 burgers come out with side and drink pairings.

It’s been days and I am STILL full from this meal.
IMG_3641Sweet potato fries –– I always eat the most of anyone at the table :)

East Bay day!1Onion rings and CHEESY tots (so amazing!) ^^
IMG_3645First up: the Truffle burger! It has house truffle cheese, truffle glaze, truffle salt
truffle aioli…so it is packed with flavor. We cut it in 4 and began the tasting!
IMG_3647Next we tried the Manly Burger. It’s an indulgent choice, covered with fried onion
strings and bacon, house beer-cheddar cheese, Umami ketchup, & mustard.
It makes you feel like you’re eating a true American cheeseburger. Sinfully good!
Processed with VSCO with f2 presetIn process of the meal ^^ We didn’t try out the drink pairings, but our
friends enjoyed them with each course. Everything just kept coming!
IMG_3649Ahi Tuna Burger – I couldn’t try this one due to baby, but it was a favorite
of Chase’s. It’s a refreshing lightly seared tuna ahi patty topped with daikon sprouts,
crushed avocado, gingered carrots, wasabi flake, & wasabi tartar sauce. Very West Coast.
IMG_3651The Hatch Burger was a unique favorite of mine. It was like a burger with a Mexican twist:
Topped with roasted hatch chilies, house Cali cheese, and roasted garlic aioli. Different & delicious!
IMG_3653The Greenbird turkey burger ended up being my very favorite and what I’d likely order next time
(unless I was in the mood for the sinful Manly :). This one is a turkey patty topped with avocado,
green cheese, butter lettuce, sprouts and green goddess dressing. Really flavorful and filling!
IMG_3654We were getting so full by this point, but somehow found room for a bite of The Cali burger –
it’s Umami’s take on a simple In-N-Out type Burger, but way better. It has crisp butter
lettuce, umami-rich roasted tomato, caramelized onions and house Cali cheese.
IMG_3656We tried the Throwback burger, then saved the last ounce of room for the
classic Umami Burger itself. ^^ Topped with Parmesan frico, shiitake
mushroom, roasted tomato, caramelized onions, & ketchup. Really delicious!
East Bay day!2All of these courses were separated by the best conversation and catching up with
these friends. We actually used to live with Joe and Becca in a 2-bedroom apartment
in San Francisco to save money on the insane rent prices, and they became some of
our favorite people. We moved to Europe and they moved back East for her to go to
law school, but they are back this summer to intern and we were so happy to catch up!
East Bay day!4
After a little break between the burgers, we voted to try just one ice cream sandwich.
(Dessert is a separate stomach, remember? :) Seriously we were SO full, but the
salted caramel ice cream snickerdoodle sandwich was well worth ending the meal on.

East Bay day!5Good friends, good food!

What a fun and memorable night out with friends — soaking these up before we
have lots of fun nights in with our little baby starting soon…but we’ll be back to
Umami, because there are locations in Palo Alto and San Francisco too– Yay!